Why Having IT Support in West Palm Beach Is Crucial for Your Business’s Cybersecurity Protection

Why Having IT Support in West Palm Beach Is Crucial for Your Business’s Cybersecurity Protection


Firewall technology is touted as the holy grail of defense against attacks in the cyberspace, but IT support providers in West Palm Beach warn that improper implementation of the technology is catastrophic. Although you may have a firewall in place to protect your computing environment, it can fail to protect you or reinforce your cybersecurity defenses.

In particular, lacking or outdated patches for your firewall software and unresolved malfunctions are the leading cause of failure. Widespread malware attacks, such as WannaCry, infiltrate computer networks, the world all over due to missing patches.

Why Patching Your Software Matters

IT support providers in West Palm Beach recommend regular updates, as neglected or late software patches allow backdoor access to your firewall through which attackers introduce malware. In the event of a successful compromise of your firewall system, the attacker can easily launch DDoS attacks remotely and cause irreparable damage.

The vulnerability of outdated software patches is the cornerstone of most malware attacks. For instance, the file-sharing protocol for your firewall server can be overridden by ransomware to provide access to all networks in your organization. As a result, all your branches will be paralyzed, leaving you with no means to recovery.

The Danger of Misconfiguration

Despite adherence to best practices to deploy regular updates, a reliable firewall can fail due to improper configuration. Firewall misconfiguration is the root of most cyber breaches. It results in rogue processes and poorly formulated data filtering workflows, which attackers exploit to run malware.

Without the right firewall policies in place, data theft, DDoS attacks, and prolonged downtime are inevitable. Even the most advanced firewall system is useless if a configuration error is implemented and goes unnoticed by your network administrator.

Besides, by the time your security audits take place, hackers will have already established the weak points in your network to launch zero-day attacks.

Protecting Your Network

The leading cause of firewall security vulnerability is dependence on pre-configured solutions that come as part of the manufacturer’s default settings. This is true for both corporate and BYOD devices. Creating a uniform level of security in user devices and legacy devices is possible through leveraging a Unified Threat Management (UTM) solution.

At Nexxen Technologies, cybersecurity is among our specialties, and we offer UTM solutions to curb cyber breaches. If you would like to revamp your cyber defenses, you can reach out to our IT support team in West Palm Beach for assistance. Contact us now for more details.