Protect Your Business with Our IT Services Team in West Palm Beach!

Protect Your Business with Our IT Services Team in West Palm Beach!


Since cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated with their code injections, data breaches, malware infections, distributed denial service attacks, and malicious insiders, our IT services team in West Palm Beach guarantees the utmost protection for businesses of all sizes.

We offer managed services in West Palm Beach, including cyber insurance to ensure both your business and customers are safe from all cyber threats. These threats can cause a massive decline in your company and can risk your corporate data where your competitors can find the key to kick you out of business.

Here are some of the cyber threats you should watch out for:

Code Injection

Today, hackers can exploit threats in applications and websites by inserting or injecting invalid data to change the course of execution. Mostly, the vulnerability is commonly found in the text input field for users.

We can prevent the code injection from your application by applying input validation such as safe API and controls like SQL LIMIT functions to minimize the damages from a successful attack.

Web applications require a secure firewall which updates any threat in the database in real time since this is the only way to filter all application inputs to protect against code injection.

Data Breach

The cost of a data breach is well known and documented. A data breach originates from compromised credentials such as software misconfiguration, malware infection, or lost hardware.

Our IT services team in West Palm Beach can help you prevent a data breach. We’ll encrypt your site traffic and transactions with SSL permission which are correctly set for each group of users. We’ll also make sure that your servers are perfectly scanned.

Malware Infection

Malware possesses some level of security threat to your business. Malware can infect your system in many ways, and one of the ways people have not yet really realized is via email spam which is the primary vector of the malware attack.

Malware comes with a range of sources. We’ll provide your business with an effective cleaning tool of the infected files and a robust email filtering and scanning of the system.

Distributed Denial of Service Attack

Distributed denial of service attack, which is commonly known as a DDoS attack, involves a hacker gathering a group of computers to flood the target with traffic. The disadvantage of a DDoS attack is that if you are using the same server, service provider, or network with the targeted business, yours will also get affected even if you are not on focus.

Our IT professionals are always active and ready to fight any DDoS attack and other suspicious action or threats. However, it is advisable to always put a recovery plan in case you are caught up in a DDoS attack and communicate with your employees and customers about the disruption.

Malicious Insiders

This is the worst threat you don’t want to think about, but it is severe and requires your attention. To prevent damages done by insider attacks is limiting. It requires setting logical access and control policies to implement privilege principles.

We can provide you with network monitoring services and IT support to fight all threats from inside and outside the network.

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