Backup Disaster Recovery

Nexxen Technologies, Inc. offers a complete Backup and Disaster Recovery solution that will bring you real peace of mind and ensure that your data is secure and your business is protected in the event of a server crash, theft of equipment or other crisis.

Backup and Disaster Recovery from Nexxen Technologies, Inc. includes:

  • Complete server volume image
  • Disk to disk block level backups
  • On-Site and off-site solution
  • Virtualization of failed servers
  • Bare metal restores to dissimilar hardware
  • 24X7 monitoring and management
  • Exchange mailbox/message recovery
  • SQL server database/table recovery
  • Backups frequent as every 15 minutes
  • 2:1 compression of all stored data
  • 256-bit secure storage and off-site transfer

For more detailed information about our Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions please click the headings below :

A NAS must be placed at each location with a Windows 2000 or 2003 server on a LAN. Multiple NAS’s can be placed on the same LAN. Each selected server must be completely imaged. Individual files can not be added or omitted from the back up. Our solution is a block level backup where we are capturing the entire volume of a server at the 1's and 0's level. Block level data is raw data which does not have a file structure imposed on it. The block-level image is an exact digital duplicate of the on-site server. Database applications such as Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Exchange Server transfer data in blocks without having to worry if files are open or being used. Block transfer is the most efficient way to write to disk. This technology allows for complete server restorations using last functioning server system state before the failure occurred.
Each NAS device, depending on the model, can be configured to backup from one single server up to eight servers. Multiple NAS devices can be placed on a LAN. As each backup occurs the data is securely transferred to the off-site colocation facility so in the event of a complete disaster we are able to ship a new NAS device imaged with the latest data. Data is transferred to the colocation facility using AES 256-bit encryption and band-throttling software. Multi-year archiving using a combination of daily and monthly synthetic images is set up on the NAS Device and then replicated to the off-site colocation facility.
The NAS comes with built-in virtualization software. This allows a server which has failed to be restored on the NAS as a virtual image giving the customer a standby server in less than hour (in most cases – data on restore speeds are in a table below). Since the total image of the server is being restored no configuration changes are needed as the virtual image has the same properties, IP address, NetBIOS name as the failed server and backups continue to happen even when running the virtual image. When new hardware/spares arrive, the virtual image can be shutdown and the latest backup image can be used to perform a bare metal install on the new hardware.
Nexxen Technologies, Inc.’s No Hassle - BDR Solution is monitored and managed 24x7 by our NOC Team. Once the NAS unit arrives it will be added to the LAN, establish an Internet connection and call our NOC and we’ll do the rest of the work. Our set up time is approximately 4 hours per NAS. If an issue occurs during any backup or with the hardware we are immediately notified and take corrective action. Not only do we monitor the entire solution-servers, NAS and remote storage facilities, but we also manage it by performing restorations and virtualization of servers as needed. The NOC performs daily verification tests to verify the integrity of base image and incrementals. Should an incremental have a corruption, our engineers copy the corrupt incremental from the offsite colocation facility to the NAS and run the verification again. If this does not solve the problem then corrective action is taken by creating a different image to get the backup to a consistent state.

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