Using IT Support in Fort Lauderdale to Establish Server Virtualization

Using IT Support in Fort Lauderdale to Establish Server Virtualization


The phrase "server virtualization" is becoming common among businesses that outsource IT support in Fort Lauderdale. It's simply a safer and more efficient way to build an infrastructure. But what exactly is server virtualization and why is it becoming so popular? Here are the key facts you should know:

Why Server Virtualization is Spreading

Any modern, up-to-date IT support firm in Fort Lauderdale knows what server virtualization is and how it saves time, money, energy, and space. Server virtualization is the science of stacking multiple operating systems on one physical server. Not only can this strategy save plenty of office space, it means you don't need as much hardware. 

Virtualization allows you to divide your infrastructure into separate segments, each having its own login policies. That means a group of workstations can all be on the same dedicated servers using virtualization software. You can set policies so that only certain employees have access to specific virtual servers. 

The beauty of server virtualization beyond enormous cost savings is that it allows you to organize an integrated infrastructure in a cloud-based data center. This system allows for remote access, giving employees the flexibility to complete projects on their own time. Another key attraction to server virtualization is that it gives you a strong disaster recovery plan. If the main server goes down, a backup system that replicates your main system is instantly ready to go. 

Operating in the Cloud

Cloud-based data centers have widely adopted server virtualization as a key to easy scalability for clients to grow their markets. By using the cloud as your infrastructure, you will not have to do as many redundant tasks since your IT services team in Fort Lauderdale can help you find and test automation software most appropriate for your business. 

The three components you will need to put your cloud strategy together will be specialized virtualization software, cloud services and a support team for your web browser. Cloud services are provided by third party vendors who build platforms designed for specific industries. The major advantage to cloud services is that you avoid huge upfront fees by paying an affordable monthly subscription fee. 

Many cloud services have free trial periods, which allows your staff to experiment with different software until you find a program that works for you. You can also pay as you go for programs you need and discontinue programs without penalty. 


An IT support firm in Fort Lauderdale can help you set up server virtualization to streamline your business. It will help enhance productivity and accelerate your goals. Contact us here at Nexxen Technologies, Inc. to learn more about how virtualization is improving the business world.