What You Must Know About BYOD Before Outsourcing IT Support in West Palm Beach

What You Must Know About BYOD Before Outsourcing IT Support in West Palm Beach


Organizations outsource their IT support in West Palm Beach for various reasons, such as streamlining their processes, automating repetitive tasks, and managing mobile devices used for “Bring Your Own Device,” or BYOD for short. As the name suggests, BYOD is a policy that allows employees to use their personal mobile devices for work-related tasks.

Advantages of BYOD

An increasing number of companies are adopting BYOD because of the many benefits it brings, such as:

  • Fewer Expenses - Employers no longer need to spend on buying, maintaining, and repairing company-issued devices because employers can already use their own.
  • Improved Productivity - Because employees can choose to use the device and platform they're most comfortable using, time will not be wasted on struggling with a new technology they're not familiar with.
  • Greater Flexibility - Employees are not tied to their desktops and cubicles anymore. They can work remotely using their own devices, regardless of where they are.
  • Happier Staff - It's a hassle to manage both personal and company-issued devices, so being able to use only one device for both purposes eases the pressure.

Disadvantages of BYOD

However, not everything about BYOD is good. It poses some risks which you should discuss with your chosen provider of IT support in West Palm Beach:

  • Concerns Over Personal Privacy - Some employees feel that using their own devices for work gives their employer access to their personal data stored on those aforementioned devices. Thus, it's important to explain to employees the extent of control the company is expected to have if BYOD is in effect.
  • Challenges with Employee Turnover - Employees come and go, but with BYOD, their own devices go with them when they leave for whatever reason. This means employers should have a practical way to recover company data and remove copies of it from leaving employees' device
  • Questions About Compromised Data - Security breaches don't need to be sophisticated to work. Oftentimes, they just need someone to make a mistake like leave a device unlocked, use easy-to-crack passwords, or misplace a device. Thus, companies should know how to secure company data without affecting personal data when their employees slip up.

Fortunately, these disadvantages of BYOD are all addressable if your chosen provider has experience in mobile device management (MDM). This is especially important if your company has hundreds of devices to track, monitor, and manage daily.

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