How the Cloud and IT Support in Fort Lauderdale Can Lift Your Business

How the Cloud and IT Support in Fort Lauderdale Can Lift Your Business


Moving to the cloud and finding top quality IT support in Fort Lauderdale fis a winning combination that can transform a struggling business into a profitable venture. Both the cloud and outsourced IT services can cut enormous costs and lead to a more productive operation. Here are key reasons why the cloud and outsourced IT can help accelerate your business goals:

Why Cloud Adoption Is Becoming the Norm

Most businesses now have some type of budget for cloud computing, whether it's with a private, public or hybrid cloud. A 2017 study by RightScale revealed that enterprises now use up to 3/4 of their workloads in the cloud. Not only does the cloud help cut operational costs by over 16%, it also cuts significant costs on IT spending and maintenance. The cloud additionally boosts company efficiency by 20%, making it more competitive and profitable. IT professionals who keep up with new technology can test cloud programs and make recommendations.

One of the main benefits of the cloud is that it can be used for low-cost storage. In many cases, cloud storage can be free, but you have to make sure your cloud provider has a good reputation. It's usually safer to keep your most critical data in a private cloud, but it's still common for businesses to use public clouds for less critical data. Your IT support team in Fort Lauderdale can simplify your storage needs and use the cloud as an emergency backup solution so that you never have to worry about data loss or downtime.

Maximizing Cost Efficiency

One of the best ways for a business to maximize cost efficiency is to consolidate multiple processes into one system that saves time, space and money. Virtualization allows for such a modern infrastructure. Merging systems so that tools and tasks can be controlled in a central place is one of the keys to greater efficiency. It will also help you run a much smoother operation. Automation alone can reduce redundant tasks, allowing for focus on areas that require analysis.

By standardizing your IT infrastructure, you will not have to worry about nuances that run up extra bills. Standardization reduces training costs as well. For small companies, these cost savings can mean thousands of dollars, whereas it may save millions for medium to large companies.


Working with an experienced IT support provider in Fort Lauderdale and taking advantage of how cloud services cut upfront costs, are important steps to running an efficient business. Contact us here at Nexxen Technologies, Inc. to learn more about how the cloud and IT services can position your business for maximum profits.