IT Support Advice for Fort Lauderdale: Does Forgetting Your Password Make You Feel Like You’re Cassim From Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves?

IT Support Advice for Fort Lauderdale: Does Forgetting Your Password Make You Feel Like You’re Cassim From Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves?

A Tale as Old as Time

IT support in Fort Lauderdale can help you supplement your mind's ability to recall data through password management technology, and this is fundamentally important for the security of your business. There have been tales hearkening to the memory's frailty since tales were made. Even if you've got the finest memory--- like a computer being overloaded by disparate tasks and crashing when one more is added--sometimes your mind just can't get to the information because it's too busy with other things. Say you're in the middle of a breakup and suddenly have to remember a computer password, but can't quit thinking about that comparison to that relative of yours that you knew was just a dig--- or was it? Suddenly you can't remember anything.

It could be fatal to you, like over-zealous Cassim in the tale of Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves. Cassim managed to compel Ali Baba into revealing the secret code that opened the cave--- the cave's "password." He then rushed into the cave to get treasure, but while inside forgot about the code to leave the cave, and so was caught red-handed by the thieves, who killed him.

Your business may find itself in similar circumstances on varying individual levels through password vulnerability and faulty memory.

Going Uphill Both Ways

It's a tricky situation. You've got to have the passwords for the sake of security, but you can't write them down and they must be regularly changed (in many cases) to maintain levels of security. So many people simply memorize a password and then put it on a basic cycle of alteration which allows them to recall it for later use. They may invert the order of the words, they may construct anagrams--- the point is, there's some predictable pattern which realistically represents just as much of a liability as a poor password. For one thing, passwords themselves are easy to crack, because it's been known for thousands of years how poor people's memories are. (Here's a list of common passwords to avoid, just as a point of reference.)

Even putting passwords on a regimen of transition every several weeks or months can compromise you, because this increases the likelihood an individual will design passwords which follow a pattern of change. This is why IT support in Fort Lauderdale is commonly offering password management solutions to a variety of clients.

What Password Management Solutions Do

  • Store all passwords in a secure, encrypted location
  • Generate new passwords as needed
  • Exist in a variety of diverse configurations

When you can safely store all of your passwords in one spot, then you don't have to worry about the frail faculties of memory betraying your business. Additionally, you can add more security through transitioning passwords by letting the manager generate new ones so you don't get caught in a patterned design. Finally, different password management solutions have varying levels of user interface and concentration, allowing you to find the best solution for your business--- with the right consultation, of course.

Securing Your Business's Passwords

IT support in Fort Lauderdale through Nexxen Technologies, Inc. can help you find the right password management solution and heighten general security, as well as optimize your tech operations. Contact us for top-tier solutions.