IT Support in West Palm Beach: Top VoIP Features


More and more businesses are tapping into the power of VoIP with each passing day. This technology has myriad features, many of which are not available on traditional phones. Below, our IT support team in West Palm Beach provides a look at the top VoIP features.


VoIP's hoteling feature empowers office users to log into the community VoIP phone through distinct login credentials. This nicety empowers employees to take calls through an office phone shared by several individuals. Hoteling is the ideal feature for those who have to switch between offices, temporary work spaces, shared work spaces, etc. Make use of hoteling and your temporary and part-time employees will be able to log directly into a community phone, ultimately ramping up efficiency and saving your business that much more money.


Our IT support crew in West Palm Beach heaps on the praise for VoIP as its mobility feature empowers users to link their desktop phone with a mobile phone beneath a single business entity with all of the PBX features available. This way, when a mobile employee contacts a customer, the company's phone number will be visible to that customer, regardless of the employee's location. This way, your company will look completely professional no matter where calls are made or received.

Call Receptionist Console

The call receptionist console is the telephony attendant function used by those who screen incoming phone calls. This technology allows for a single individual in the business to handle a bevy of incoming calls and transfer them to the appropriate party without a hassle.

Instant Messaging

Instant messaging empowers users to see co-worker availability in real-time. Furthermore, this feature allows users to send direct messages via text to other parties. Make use of instant messaging through VoIP and you will no longer have to play phone tag with fellow colleagues. The end result will be a considerable savings of time as well as energy as one can check a contact's status prior to making a call.

Fax to Email and Email to Fax

This feature empowers your team to receive faxed messages through a designated email address and also transmit fax messages through email. In other words, every small business can benefit from this essential VoIP nicety. Take a moment to think about how nice it would be to send or check faxes directly from your desk without delay. This is the efficiency every small and medium business needs to maximize its limited time and enhance the bottom line.

It is clear there are seemingly countless VoIP features available to small and medium businesses. If you have any questions about VoIP technology or anything else related to tech, give our IT support team in West Palm Beach at Nexxen Technologies for assistance. Contact us now!