IT Services Experts in Boca Raton Recommend Implementing a Vulnerability Test in Your Business


New Vulnerabilities Develop All the Time

IT services experts in Boca Raton highly advise businesses to conduct a network vulnerability test. This is sometimes called a "pen test" or "penetration test". The two are very similar, the only difference is scope. A vulnerability test may not be quite as extensive as a pen test.

With the latter, a concerted effort is being made to break through existing defenses so hidden vulnerabilities can be found. A pen test technically is a vulnerability test, it just goes a bit further than otherwise basic parameters.

Common Threats to Protect Against

Vulnerability tests and pen tests often employ common means by which cybercriminals attain access to your network or otherwise malign operations. This can include digital and social vulnerabilities. Three primary categories of risk vulnerability tests reveal, and against which you should design requisite protections, include:

  • Ramsomware
  • Social Engineering Hacks
  • Trojans and Corporate Espionage


IT services experts in Boca Raton advise a number of techniques to help you block ransomware. If you're unfamiliar, this is malware used to lock out important files against a ransom. So you accidentally download the malware then can't access network data until you pay a fee--usually in cryptocurrency, and around $10k at the lower levels.

Employee education, antivirus software, firewalls, and network monitoring help deflect ransomware. Additionally, continuous backup helps you recover from the moment ransomware enters the system, reducing losses to a minimum if all else fails.

Social Engineering Hacks

Social engineering hacks will always be around, and they're always going to be incredibly effective against those who don't know any better. Essentially, social engineering hacks use human nature to bypass security and either steal, malign, or otherwise interface with your data in an unauthorized way. Vulnerability tests commonly use a few social engineering hacks to see how organized your operational best practices are.

Trojans and Corporate Espionage

A Trojan virus hides behind another program, like a third-party app. DDoS attacks usually send out such viruses to a massive array of users on a third-party app, then activate them en masse to overtax and crash a network.

This happend in 2016 in a way that took out many services on the east coast. Corporate espionage is sort of like a four-dimensional Trojan. There are scenarios where an employee seeks and acquires a job with your business precisely as a means of stealing data and giving it to another operation. The tech industry is cutthroat. Good vulnerability tests take such factors into account. 

Assessing Vulnerabilities and Safeguarding Operations Against Known Threats

At Nexxen Technologies, Inc., our IT services experts in Boca Raton can help test your business's vulnerabilities pertaining to Trojans, corporate espionage, ransomware, and social engineering hacks. Contact us now for more information on common threats and to find ways of testing your network to determine where it needs more security.