IT Support in West Palm Beach: Cybersecurity Stats That Should Be Brought to Your Attention

IT Support in West Palm Beach: Cybersecurity Stats That Should Be Brought to Your Attention


The reason for the emphasis on the best data security practices by providers of IT support in West Palm Beach is the rising cybersecurity concern. By 2023, the US would have accounted for half of the global data breach. You have heard a lot of cybersecurity hazards like ransomware attacks, crypto-jacking, and data breaches. Cybersecurity threats are evolving, and it is a clear indicator that you should remain watchful.

Here are some cybersecurity statistics to help you see the big picture:

60 Million Americans are Victims of Identity Theft

60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft, and a significant portion of them have experienced financial loss as a result. The increased use and advancement in technology has increased options for thieves while at the same time, making it easy for you to lose control over your financial information. Once identity thieves get hold of your personal information, they apply for loans in your name, withdraw funds from your account, or even obtain medical care using your health insurance.

To protect yourself from identity theft, take measures like using strong passwords on your digital devices, refrain from giving out your personal information, and evaluate your credit reports regularly to detect malicious activities.

60% of SMBs Go Out of Business After a Cyber-Attack

Cybercriminals target small businesses as they are usually not prepared for attacks. 60% of the small businesses shut down within six months after a successful breach. Factors that facilitate these attacks include weak passwords, insider threats, and the internet of things. Small businesses should partner with providers of IT support in West Palm Beach to put in place formal cyber plans and policies to prevent malicious attacks.

Cybercrime was Responsible for $2.7 Billion Losses in 2018

The financial losses in 2018 pointed to internet-based crimes, which include exploitation, theft, and fraud. Most of the businesses only notice they have been attacked when it is too late. The losses incurred have a direct impact on employment, investment, innovation, and overall economic growth. The availability of tools to infiltrate organizations’ data, the internet of things, and the emergence of sophisticated techniques to launch attacks have propelled the influx of cybercrime on the economy.

With ransomware-as-a-service, among other tools to facilitate cybercrime available in the black market, the economic market continues to suffer.

Businesses and individuals should be vigilant in combating the cybercrime menace. This is by implementing security measures such as working with experts in IT support in West Palm Beach, like us at Nexxen Technologies. If you are looking for reliable cybersecurity solutions, contact us for more information on how we can work together to keep your business protected.