An Expert IT Services Provider in West Palm Beach Cautions on Mobile Ransomware

An Expert IT Services Provider in West Palm Beach Cautions on Mobile Ransomware

IT Services Provider in West Palm Beach Cautions

We live at a time where organizations are quickly allowing their employees to access the firm’s IT infrastructure using their own devices, a move that has come to be known as “Bring Your Own Device” or BYOD. This move has been inspired by the fact that employers can save money in terms of buying multiple devices for their employees and also allow their employees to carry work home and access work on the go using devices that they are already familiar with, thereby boosting their overall productivity. However, a professional IT services provider in West Palm Beach warns that mobile ransomware attacks are on the rise and it is important for firms to protect themselves adequately. Read on to understand how this can be done.

What is Mobile ransomware?

Simply put, mobile ransomware is a malware which affects mobile devices. This malware often comes bundled in free software that unsuspecting users download and install in their phones. Once the malware is installed in your phone, the malware will start by displaying fake messages, which can go to the extent of accusing you of committing a crime before it encrypts your files and locks your phone. After the phone is locked, the hacker might demand that you pay a ransom through Bitcoin before sending you the code needed to unlock the phone and decrypt your files. 

How to Protect Your Mobile Devices Against Ransomware?

  • Install the best antivirus and antimalware - A good antivirus software that doubles as an antimalware software will detect and keep ransomware away from your devices. 
  • Patch all your apps and operating system - In our line of work as leading IT services provider in West Palm Beach, we advise our clients to try as far as possible to patch their apps and operating system to fix bugs that might be used by hackers to launch ransomware attacks on their devices.
  • Back up all your files - Backing up all your files will ensure that you do not suffer much damage in the event that you suffer a ransomware attack. In the event that you are unable to unlock the phone, you can easily access your data and replace the mobile device.


As seen above, mobile ransomware can cause some serious inconveniences to you and to your employees. As an experienced IT services provider in West Palm Beach, we have suggested some ways by which you can protect your mobile devices against this kind of an attack. To learn more, get in touch with us at Nexxen Technologies, Inc. We look forward to working with you towards securing your firm against cyber-attacks.