IT Support in West Palm Beach: An Insight into Virtual Servers and Server Virtualization

IT Support in West Palm Beach: An Insight into Virtual Servers and Server Virtualization


Servers have been there for long, just like the networks. Their generic use is serving something to other computers. There are the physical servers and virtual servers. IT support providers in West Palm Beach seek to explain what a server actually is and its operations so that you can understand what virtual servers are. Once you know what servers are, then you will understand their working and benefits.

Definition of a Server

Technically, a server is a computer program that holds files, software, and applications over the internet or within the computer system. Consequently, the server needs a huge amount of processing power to perform complex tasks efficiently.

Why Go for Virtual Servers?

Servers must have the processing power to work smoothly. Each specific application or task is given a single server. This means that there is sufficient power to run each dedicated server efficiently. The problem is that in the past years, servers were not so powerful in handling the extra loads. However, today, the computing power has undergone a revolution, and this has increased servers’ capabilities. The dedicated servers can now perform well under capacity.

The dedicated server approach also causes the issue of congestion at the data center. This even increases the maintenance costs, making the dedicated servers generally expensive, especially for complex networks. Because of such problems, IT support providers in West Palm Beach had to come up with an alternative to dedicated servers.

What is the Solution Then?

Instead of dealing with so many dedicated servers, IT experts have introduced virtualization of servers. This is where one physical server is divided into different virtual entities that host servers across many pieces of hardware. This kind of conversion increases the value of the server. Each virtual entity is independent of the other and can serve many machines. This means that you will not rely on a single hardware. In addition, you can move the functionality of the server to another location in case of a disaster or if you need to do some maintenance.

With virtual servers, you still have the needed processing power for your applications and tasks without taking up space to house many physical servers. Server virtualization is a cost-effective measure taken by small and medium-sized businesses.

Many IT support companies in West Palm Beach now offer server virtualization as a service. Nexxen Technologies, Inc. is one of the IT providers that gives virtualization, among many other IT services. Contact us now and our IT experts will give you more benefits and functionalities of server virtualization. Save in terms of space and money by virtualizing your servers today!