Protection on the Go: MDM and IT Support in Fort Lauderdale

Protection on the Go: MDM and IT Support in Fort Lauderdale


For the 50 years, conducting your business happened in an office. Your employees came in from nine to five, worked in their cubicles, and had their conversations at the water cooler. This method worked well for companies working more “traditionally.” The internet has fundamentally changed the way that you go about running your business. Your employees now have offices in their pockets with smartphones and tablets. It’s up to you to make sure that these mobile offices stay as efficient as possible. To keep your company running smoothly, seek out IT support in Fort Lauderdale that offers mobile device management (MDM).

Business vs. Pleasure

Perhaps the biggest reason to find good mobile device management is how ingrained smartphones have become. Everyone has one. That can make it difficult when your employees use company technologies for more personal reasons. MDM gives you the opportunity to control what tasks or applications members of your staff use on these devices.

Controlling app and data usage increases productivity for your business. Monitoring data usage can help increase profits as you deter your employees from using their devices for personal reasons.

Updates and Oversight

Getting strong mobile device management from your IT support in Fort Lauderdale also allows you to keep tabs on all manner of technical specs. You can use mobile services to track what devices you have, what patches or updates they might need, or what software versions they have installed.

Managing your devices also allows you to remotely install almost anything. You can download updates, add applications, and even authorize new users for the device. With the dynamic nature of a business conducted outside the traditional office setting, having access to those features ensures the continued success of your company.

Mobile device management extends to data retrieval in the event of theft. Despite the security features on smartphones and tablets, no device is completely safe. With managed functionalities, you can track the locations of all your company’s mobile assets. In the event of a possible data breach, you can even remotely disable access to information. Doing so makes it even more difficult for thieves and hackers to get any sensitive data.

Most importantly, managing mobile devices give you more open access to communicate with users. You can always reach your employees. They can receive updates on company policies and procedures. Your managed tech support can send out information about new patches, updates, or software advisories. This is especially helpful when downloading programs from app stores (Many programs can fail to have the proper vetting they need to ensure safety. This can compromise your device and open up data to theft).

Take your business into the 21st century with mobile device management. When you’re looking for proven IT support in Fort Lauderdale, choose Nexxen Technologies. Our managed support services can help you effectively keep track of your business’ mobile technologies. We also offer a diverse array of IT solutions to support all aspects of your company. Contact us today and build a better future for your business.