Sources of Common Cyber Threats and the Role of IT Support in West Palm Beach

Sources of Common Cyber Threats and the Role of IT Support in West Palm Beach


There are some important factors that you must consider if you are planning on partnering with an IT support firm in West Palm Beach. One of the crucial aspects is the level of security provided against cyber threats. In general, modern businesses depend heavily on information technology for data processing, storage, and transaction handling.

If the computer network is compromised, the losses can cripple the entire operation. Therefore, when hiring your managed services provider, you should make certain that the company can shield your company from potential security breaches. Consider this short description of sources of common cyber threat and what a good IT company can do to protect your operation.

Third-Party Service Providers

The cost of complete use of in-house labor and resources in your business operation would be overwhelming. Therefore, most companies outsource certain tasks to third-party service providers. This minimizes the cost of purchasing hardware or employing an individual to perform work that comes up periodically. Unfortunately, this is a common weak link in cyber security. In simple term, when dealing with a third-party business, you will probably need to share your data for printing, auditing, or analysis.

If their network is not secure, your data will be exposed if they are hacked. In addition, there is an important threat posed by sharing files via public cloud sharing platform. Your IT support expert should help you in establishing a more secure cloud transfer system for your business. Also, they will provide personalized guidance on encrypting your data to prevent unauthorized people from reading your company’s confidential files.


Most businesses have some controversial elements which are not popular among certain groups due to their social and political implications. These companies might find their stored data and other confidential aspects compromised by hacktivists. These hackers normally work for their personal ‘righteous’ cause and their objective is to ruin your operation or specific individuals.

Your company will sustain financial losses after the hack. Moreover, customers lose faith when a business is compromised by hacktivist. Experienced IT support technicians in West Palm Beach can protect your company from these hackers by ensuring that your network is secured with firewalls and antimalware. Network monitoring can also ensure that attempts at hacking are discovered early.

Obsolete Technology

There is no flawless technology. Eventually, someone finds a weakness that they can exploit to compromise a computer network. If you have outdated technology, chances are some hackers can easily access your system without much effort. Therefore, you should have your IT specialist perform an assessment of your old servers, computers, handheld devices, and other machines. If there are any items which pose a security threat, consider immediate replacement.

Security Protocols Violation

There are some security protocols which are in place to prevent cyber security breaches. Unfortunately, these are not adhered to by most workers because they are perceived as troublesome. This leaves your network open to significant threats. Therefore, you should have your MSP enforce the regulations. For example, they can limit downloads of foreign files and prevent the use of weak passwords.

If you are thinking about upgrading the security in your business cyber network, contact us at Nexxen Technologies today. We offer a variety of managed services for businesses, including IT support in West Palm Beach.