IT Services in Palm Beach Can Help Protect Against Common IT Threats

IT Services in Palm Beach Can Help Protect Against Common IT Threats


Knowing What to Protect Against

IT services in Palm Beach will be most effective in a security sense should it identify primary threats and work to neutralize them. To that end, four primary areas where businesses often miss the mark on this include:

  • Insufficiently informed security attitudes
  • Lack of knowledge pertaining to ransomware attacks
  • Uninformed (or careless) employees compromising operations
  • Poor password management (or none at all)

Insufficient Security Attitudes

Your employees need to have a perspective of operations which regards security much the way the Pentagon did in the first Mission: Impossible film. If you haven't seen it, there's a mainframe under lock-and-key with a system so integrally designed a piece of sand, or a bit of detritus dropping down from the ceiling, could put the whole building on alert. Tom Cruise has to rope down from a vent in the ceiling in order to pirate information. It's an overblown comic book scenario--- you're more likely to have a computer like that in a closed cement room with no access to the Internet if the files are so integral. But the attitude toward security is what's essential here. You need to instill in your staff the same kind of perspective, especially as pertains to legal situations. If you're handling lawsuits, defending clients, or prosecuting organized crime syndicates, you can bet the suspicious individuals will be after your information just like the fictional Ethan Hunt was. Part of inculcating that attitude involves educating your lawyers, partners, and interns who have access to sensitive data on the likelihood of a breach--- which is about 50%.

Lack of Knowledge Pertaining To Ransomware

Especially if you're a law firm, you've got a target painted on your back. Ransomware attackers know obtaining data could be your key to a case which wins your firm millions, and that comparatively, $10k is a drop in the bucket. So you'll pay it. You need IT services in Palm Beach which can protect you against such attacks, and which simultaneously helps educate your staff pertaining to this most pernicious of threats. Ransomware is the most pervasive cyberattack right now.


An employee may click on an attachment they've never seen before, leave a printout on a coffee table, log in to insecure WiFi while at a hotel, or use the same password for multiple accounts. That just scratches the surface on security negligence among employees--- and employees among legal firms aren't generally known for acumen in technological areas. Educating employees on avoiding careless activities is integral.

Passwords: Poorly Managed or Non-Existent

This is a list of common passwords. What do they have in common? They're easy to remember--- which means they're also easy to hack. Passwords should be at least eight characters, include a capital letter, a special character, and more than two numbers. That's minimum. Consult IT solutions for more secure passwords. Hackers should need a decryption program to break into your system; not just the bare minimum in critical thought.

Securing Your Legal Practice

IT services in Palm Beach through Nexxen Technologies, Inc. can help your legal practice attain dependable security. Contact us for solutions designed to offset the most prescient of security threats, and keep you as well as your clients secure.