The Role of Mobile Technology in Law Firms and the Need for Managed Services in West Palm Beach

The Role of Mobile Technology in Law Firms and the Need for Managed Services in West Palm Beach


Managed services in West Palm Beach are increasingly gaining popularity in law firms. Attorneys can now talk to colleagues or clients, perform legal research, access work email away from their offices via tablets, smartphones, or laptops. Although attorneys incorporate remote work or mobile devices into their legal practices, the gadgets they use, their Internet options, the apps they access, software tools, and their security procedures prove that there is still more room for the legal world to expand its mobile technology use.

Lawyers Are Now Practicing Law Everywhere

Unlike before, Internet-connected law practice is now happening outside the law office. For instance, lawyers can now work from shared office spaces, home offices, work while traveling, and check their work email at coffee shops. Statistics show that about 70% of lawyers work primarily at private law offices, 16% from home, and 14% work from office spaces shared with other businesses or firms. Even more small firm and solo lawyers have completely changed from traditional spaces, with 37% primarily working from home, 35% from private offices, and 26% sharing office spaces.

How Attorneys Work Remotely

Today, lawyers are constantly checking email and working outside the office. In most cases, they do so using phones, tablets, or computers. When lawyers access the internet for legal work outside the office, 27% use smartphones, 46% use laptops, 13% use tablets, and 13% use desktop computers most probably from home offices.

The Legal World Has Gone High-Tech

Most attorneys’ offices and law firms are already engaging digitally. More importantly, most law firms have adopted cloud solutions for important business operations including client engagement and talent management. Engaging customers digitally increases client satisfaction and improves their experience. Thanks to remote access, staff can use a digital gateway to optimize customer engagement.

In addition, mobile applications and technology have made their way into courtrooms and conference rooms. This has helped maximize productivity, augmented the presentation process and facilitated accurate scheduling.

Security Threat

Although mobile technology can be advantageous to law firms, it comes with its share of drawbacks. For example, client and law firm data is prone to various security threats. Therefore, there is a need for law firms to protect their data using various data encryption tools. Data encryption changes confidential information to forms that can only be read by intended recipients. This is where managed services in West Palm Beach come in. They help law firms put in place fail-safe tools to combat inevitable security issues. They use special programs to protect data from loss and can remotely wipe devices in case of security threats. Managed IT services allow law firms to access senior IT resources and expertise at their convenient time. Additionally, they can receive expert IT advice on infrastructure, development, and strategies.

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