Leveraging the Internet of Things with IT Services in Palm Beach

Leveraging the Internet of Things with IT Services in Palm Beach


Can your current provider of IT services in Palm Beach help your business embrace the Internet of Things? IoT for short, the Internet of Things is gaining momentum and your small/medium business (SMB) needs to consider how to leverage it. This network of Internet-capable devices has the potential to transform the way your business runs. However, before you jump into the fray, you need to ensure your business remains secure while maximizing your use of the Internet of Things.

The Current and Future Power of the Internet of Things

More and more devices on the market have Internet capability. That, of course, includes your smartphone, laptops, and desktop computers. But it also includes so many other devices:

  • Copiers
  • Printers
  • Wearables like Fitbit
  • Home assistants like Echo, Alexa, and Tap
  • Security systems
  • Coffee makers and other appliances
  • Lighting
  • Gaming systems
  • Routers and other network devices

The list of IoT-ready devices continues to grow every year. Your business needs to be ready to take advantage of existing IoT technologies, as well as future innovations. However, there is one major concern which continues to hamper the take-off of the IoT, as well as its adoption by many individuals and businesses.


Every device on the IoT presents a potential security risk when it is integrated into any network. No SMB wants that kind of security risk. However, with the ever-increasing presence of the IoT, avoiding it may not be feasible in the long run. That is why you need to get ahead of the game, get your IT services provider in Palm Beach to secure your network, and get ready to integrate IoT-ready devices.

How to Secure Your Business and the IoT

Analyzing your existing infrastructure is the first step in securing your business and integrating IoT devices. If you are like most businesses, you already have security measures in place on your network and individual computing devices. However, those measures are likely not going to be enough to secure the business against potential IoT device threats.

Your business needs an IT roadmap for IoT device integration. This will help streamline the process, create standards, and make implementation as smooth as possible.

Most IT service providers recommend a multi-layer implementation where IoT devices are kept separate from the business computers and servers. The IoT devices can be accessed as needed, but there are firewalls and other security measures between those devices and mission-critical systems. Data encryption is another recommended step in securing your business.

Implementing this security is critical if you are going to bring IoT devices into your network. It is not optional given the potential threats to your business data and network security.

Who Will Secure It

Can your current IT provider handle the security measures required for the IoT? Many providers do not have the skill set required for this. If you want to bring IoT devices into your company, you need to carefully consider who will do the work for you.

If you want top-notch managed IT services in Palm Beach from a trusted company, contact us at Nexxen Technologies today. We have the skills and expertise you need, and we are always glad to help businesses reach new heights.