Benefits of Choosing SECaaS from Your Managed IT Services Provider in West Palm Beach

Benefits of Choosing SECaaS from Your Managed IT Services Provider in West Palm Beach


Advanced network security has become a complex but indispensable aspect for all modern business operations. Therefore, you should consider choosing Security as a Service (SECaaS) from a reputable managed IT services provider in West Palm Beach. In general, SECaaS will allow you to obtain reliable cyber security services for your company from a dedicated IT services provider on a subscription basis. Here are the advantages of choosing SECaaS as opposed to creating your own in-house cyber security setup:

Lower Costs

The financial demands of advanced IT security can be overwhelming, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. If you were to set up in-house security for your company, you will need to purchase different hardware devices and purchase software for optimal protection. You will also have to perform periodic upgrades and replacements of these elements in order to avoid the vulnerabilities presented by outdated technology.

In addition, there are significant labor expenses attached to engaging one or more technicians to manage the security infrastructure. With SECaaS, the cyber security elements belong to the managed services provider, so you will not have to deal with purchase costs. Your company’s only expense will be the subscription fee.

Enhanced Security

You will get enhanced security for your company if you choose outsourced IT security services. Managed service providers have superior resources which an independent business would not be able to acquire otherwise. For example, if you chose to set up your network security, you will be limited in terms of the assets that you could purchase and install and the talents you can hire.

On the other hand, MSPs exist only for the purpose of providing cyber security. Therefore, the firms invest extensive financial resources in advanced hardware and software for better cyber security. Moreover, there are numerous experts in different fields of IT security who are hired to ensure that maximum protection for commercial networks can be achieved.

Constant Monitoring

You should consider using SECaaS from a managed IT services provider in West Palm Beach because they will provide monitoring. Monitoring is a crucial element for a cyber-security setup. In general, even if you install the best anti-malware and firewalls in your network, there will always be vulnerabilities which can be exploited by hackers.

Simply speaking, there is no perfect passive security system and hackers know this. They will wear down firewalls steadily and take advantage of design flaws in operating systems and hardware. If you have engaged a managed services provider for IT security, you will be able to escape these attempts. This is because the technicians are always watching for unusual traffic to and from your network. They can repair and reinforce the network before hacking attempts succeed.

Finally, you should note that choosing services as a service allows you to focus on the main functions of your business. Your managed IT services provider in West Palm Beach will take over all IT tasks and even some administrative work such as log management. Therefore, you will be able to free up your human resources for tasks which will have a direct impact on your bottom line. If you would like to learn more about SECaaS, consult our experts at Nexxen Technologies today.