A Good IT Support Provider Will Not Allow Your West Palm Beach Business to Get CryptoLocker

A Good IT Support Provider Will Not Allow Your West Palm Beach Business to Get CryptoLocker

Any competent IT support provider in West Palm Beach should be able to ensure that your business doesn’t fall under encryption by CryptoLocker. IT constitutes an integral part of your business operations, but let’s face it, the resource comes with extensive risks. Data and other components of an information system are significantly imperative. Therefore, you need an IT service provider that can guarantee the safety of your data and IT components from the effects or malware, especially ransomware like CryptoLocker.

The Great Risk that is CryptoLocker

Once hit by CryptoLocker, your business’ electronic files or data will be locked under a manually-impenetrable encryption. This depicts prevention as the best remedy for the problem because, once encrypted, you’ll have to incur the costs of getting your files back.

The bad news is that, if attacked by CryptoLocker, you have to pay ransom amounting to approximately $300; this payment is subject to a time limit within which you might pay or the private decryption key is destroyed… and your electronic files may be lost forever.

Are You Working with the Right IT Service Provider?

The important question in this case dwells on the right kind of IT support provider you need to be safe from CryptoLocker. Such ransomware can take control of your IT system, so you don’t need a service provider that can easily lose grip of the system in the name of upselling or cost reduction, among other excuses meant to conceal incompetency.

Like most companies, you may think that your IT support provider in West Palm Beach is doing an exclusive job protecting your business from massive risks like CryptoLocker. The bitter truth is that most of these IT service providers depend on inexpensive plans, possibly to reduce operation costs and emphasize on upselling higher or more sophisticated security and backup plans. Such actions aimed at cutting on cost and making more profit can be very costly for your business in the end. As a business owner, you can’t afford to get hit by CryptoLocker, so keep this in mind: working with an incompetent IT service provider can definitely put your business at a great risk.

A good IT support provider will ensure that your business’ electronic files have a backup. However, this shouldn’t be the local backup, because CryptoLocker can still have access to it. As a solution, cloud-based backup work best to this effect. In this case, your IT service provider should ensure that your business files are scanned exhaustively before being backed up in the cloud--- this gives your data added protection as compared to local backups. Impliedly, basic security and backup plans should be avoided because a CryptoLocker attack will cost you more to decrypt.

Prevent Risks with Nexxen Technologies

When choosing an IT support provider in West Palm Beach or evaluating your current one, you should always take in consideration their measures of security for your business. At Nexxen Technologies, we offer IT systems management support, as well as highly-responsive and quality services. We prioritize the provision of a safe and viable IT environment because we understand the paramount imperativeness small and medium-sized firms place on growth. Our team offers the best solutions and protection from IT hazards, including ransomware like CryptoLocker. "Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about how we can help you with your business needs".