3 Common Risks Every IT Support West Palm Beach Professional Should Defend Against

3 Common Risks Every IT Support West Palm Beach Professional Should Defend Against

As a provider of information technology support, you probably have seen it all at this point when it comes to businesses being exposed to all sorts of cyber security risks. With that said, the one scary thing that keeps coming back is the fact that these cyber security threats are repeated time and time again. It is up to your IT support West Palm Beach professional to make you alert of where the high-risk areas are, where companies usually struggle, all with the intent of helping your business stay ahead of the curve.

What Happens in a Disaster?

Think about a small insurance company that is just starting to make their mark in the industry. They have a solid infrastructure in place when it comes to their IT at their home office, with underwriting, claims, and other operations all functioning away. What happens, though, when your information technology infrastructure takes a hit? What happens when your primary server goes down? Do you have a disaster recovery plan?

IT support West Palm Beach professionals have seen companies struggle with disaster recovery extremely frequently. For businesses like the insurance example, it is vital to stay online, especially when disaster strikes to help customers file claims, get their lives back on track, etc. You need to get back online as soon as possible with as little data loss as possible.

Protection from Viruses

Has your company ever been hit with a virus, with malware? Do you have any virus protection software that is installed? If so, how effective and efficient is it at proactively scanning for anything that may be trying to make its way onto your servers, from your data? There are many standard virus protection suites, but you should work with your managed service provider to ensure that the suite that you go with is going to be the ideal solution to meet your needs.

You want to have protection from viruses and intruders in general because there are always dangers out there, always risks. The more proactive you are at making sure your infrastructure and your data are protected, the better off you will be.

Segregation of Duties and Process

You always want to work to have a sound process in place when it comes to your information technology infrastructure. If someone needs to make an update to a server, who has access to actually do that? Do they require certain levels of approval before a change of this magnitude is allowed to go into effect? This is where segregation of duty and process comes into play. Your company should work to think through the different procedures that could happen and then determine what checks and balances need to be in place so that things are enacted accurately, timely, and completely.

There is a lot to consider when you are working to develop your IT infrastructure for your business. So much risk exists that your IT support West Palm Beach professional needs to be aware of. Knowing these common risks ahead of time though can help minimize the chance that they strike your business. If you have any questions about how we can protect your business, contact us at NexxenTech.com today.