Have You Discovered the True Colors of Your IT Support Wizard in West Palm Beach?

Have You Discovered the True Colors of Your IT Support Wizard in West Palm Beach?

The Man Behind The Curtain

IT support in West Palm Beach may portray itself to be more effective than it is, and such portrayal isn't unique to IT companies. Oftentimes in areas where an individual, or a small group, wields power, the actual strength they have is exaggerated. The Wizard of Oz portrays this phenomenon precisely. If you've read the book, the emerald city isn't really green; people wear green glasses to make everything seem emerald.

Then there's the wizard himself. He's just a little old man behind a curtain letting on to be this big, powerful so-and-so. In reality, the guy's another Kansas native snatched up by a tornado years before Dorothy. He didn't mean to find himself at a nexus of power. Dorothy says of him, "Oh, you're a very bad man!" and he replies, "Oh, no my dear, I'm a very good man--I'm just a very bad wizard!" 

The Humanity Behind The Lie

Of course, his deception would seem to indicate otherwise as regards his "goodness"; but then, many villains think of themselves as beset heroes, and the same is true with sub-par IT. Oftentimes such groups let on to provide exceptional support not because they want to trick you specifically, but because they want to acquire larger contracts and grow.

Their motive isn't to deceive, it is to become successful. So under such thinking they deceive not by outright lying, but by saying they are able to do more than they can. Then it turns out when systems begin to fail, they don't have the IT infrastructure to properly get the job done, and must rely on expensive vendors that you could have hired on your own. Additionally, such a small operation won't be able to quickly fix problematic situations. Especially if there are other clients involved, it may be that the IT group you've hired just doesn't have what it takes. They want to, but they don't.

IT support in West Palm Beach that doesn't have the acumen it boasts will cost you. If you've retained IT assistance from a sub-par provider, it may be in your best interests to end your contract early. The thing is, this can be a little expensive, because there's sometimes an escape clause involved. But retaining sub-par services in such a scenario is very much like letting Oz's Wicked Witch continuously assail you. It's surely intolerable, and changing providers will likely end up saving you money in the long run. In the real world, abiding by subpar service is financially unfeasible. At least in Oz, you're not losing money.

Finding Effective IT Support

Expect an effective IT provider to clarify the services they can provide, and to move beyond such services when it's possible. Some services that aren't without the realm of reason to look for include:

  • IT Consulting
  • Virtualization
  • VoIP
  • Email/Spam Protection
  • Managed Services
  • Cloud Services
  • Office Moves, Including Wiring
  • On Demand Break/Fix Services
  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Backup Disaster Recovery
  • Hosted Solutions
  • Mobile Management
  • Application/Database Development
  • Anti-Virus and Spyware Detection/Removal

IT support West Palm Beach offering such services will likely be able to cogently help you with unlisted needs. At Nexxen Technologies, Inc., we are no false wizards. We are problem solvers that will help your business, not put on a show.