Is Your Current Network Support Provider in West Palm Beach Blinded by Profits?

Is Your Current Network Support Provider in West Palm Beach Blinded by Profits?

Having quality network support in West Palm Beach for your business is a must-have in today’s tech-driven world. However, something that many business owners learn too late is that not all network providers are created equally.

While there are some out there that have the best interest of their client’s in mind, others are simply blinded by the potential of massive profits that go along with selling hardware. In many cases, this is hardware that their clients don’t need now, or in the future.

Is Your Network Service Provider Profit Blind?

With Thanksgiving and the holidays literally right around the corner, there are many businesses doing everything possible to make a “quick buck.” However, the IT support providers who are profit blind don’t limit their “money making activities” to the holiday season. In fact, they are always pushing services and products, primarily hardware, whenever there’s an opportunity.

Consider your last interaction with your network support provider. Were they concerned with the issues you have going on, or did they discuss the potential issues they foresee for your company in the near future? Or, did they simply talk about some innovative piece of must-have hardware that is going to revolutionize your business?

The fact is, this type of “sales pitch” happens all the time; however, many business owners don’t recognize it because they believe their provider of network support in West Palm Beach has the company’s best interests in mind.

Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case.

Can You See Clearly Now?

While some hardware purchases are necessary, in most cases, a company doesn’t need to make this type of purchase more than twice a year. Also, with more and more innovative technology being introduced all the time, many tech support services are moving away from hardware sales, offering clients long-term solutions, such as the cloud.

If your provider is not heading in this direction, it is a sign that making a change is necessary. After all, you don’t need to continue sinking your money into hardware and other services you don’t need. You also need to find a support provider that has your business’s growth and productivity at the “top of mind”. If they don’t, look somewhere else!

What’s Your Next Move?

At this point, you have two options. You can stay with your current IT support provider and suffer through their ongoing sales pitches for various hardware, or you can choose to cut them loose. Doing so means you are open to partner with a provider of network support in West Palm Beach that wants to provide you with preventative solutions to help your business grow and expand.

Ready to make a change? If so, it is time to contact our team of professionals at Nexxen Technologies, Inc. We can help ensure you get new hardware -- if necessary -- but also offer more innovative solutions for your company. After all, our ultimate goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction, regardless of your business type or industry.