Our IT Support Help Desk in West Palm Beach Is the Flash!

Our IT Support Help Desk in West Palm Beach Is the Flash!

Every Minute Counts

IT support in West Palm Beach needs to have a help-desk that is on-point, and answers calls immediately. How much is a minute of your time worth? It's going to be greater, the larger your operation is. If you've got fifty employees working on technology whose support comes from a service department with a help desk meting out technicians, there are a few conclusions that can be made.

Firstly, you're going to have generalized overhead expenses which include rent, energy, marketing, and advertisement. If your organization sells a product, you'll also have a statistical influx of profit. Then you've got the wages for employees working in acquisition, outreach, sales -- you name it. The men and women who keep your business afloat, and depend on technology, are a statistical group.

Crunching Numbers

Let's take these things together. For a facility large enough to house fifty employees, $4k a month isn't an untoward estimate. Employees working at such a level may average $15 an hour. Should you be running a call-center wherein one in fifty calls (averaging a minute) results in a $500 sale, you're also within the realm of possibility. A $10/month "add-a-line" sale at a cell-phone company may only take a minute or so, and over two years bring in $480 before overages.

All these numbers are yet fairly conservative. If you're paying $500 a month for energy, that's also a conservative estimate. Altogether, your monthly costs (averaging employee weeks at 40 hours) for this area of your business come to $124,500. This is dwarfed by potential earnings of $4,800,000, given the earlier assumed sales average. Adding these numbers together and dividing them by the number of minutes in a month-long, 40 hour/week day-shift cycle per fifty employees puts a value of $512.97 a minute. Numbers at your office will likely differ; but the likelihood is, you'll find a minute is more valuable than you might have considered, should you crunch the numbers

Is Your IT Support Helpdesk Adequate?

There are a number of things you can look at to determine whether or not your IT support desk is operating at a threshold commensurate to your needs. Following are four criteria which you need to watch out for:

  • Automated messages when service calls are placed.
  • Being put on hold at any time during a service call.
  • Service that won't serve you initially, but requires help desk representatives to call you back.
  • Long delay in service and answering of questions.

IT support in West Palm Beach is going to cost you money if they automate their responses, continuously put you on hold, take their time answering questions or meting out service, and always have to "get back" to you. A help desk should be on point, ready to take care of your needs at a moment's notice with a physical person always available on the phones. "Higher than normal call volume" is a "more convenient than normal excuse". Seldom are call volumes so high as to require a continuous hold.

Help Desks That Actually Help... And Are Actually Fast!

IT support in West Palm Beach shouldn't make you wait. It should be lightning-fast, like the comic book superhero, the Flash! That's our perspective at NexxenTech.com. We provide IT solutions including a help desk that is always ready to assist you in solving your problems as soon as possible.