VoIP’s hold message options are easy

A CNN survey revealed that 70% of callers in the US who are put on hold in silence hang up within 60 seconds. That’s why businesses are looking into different on-hold options to keep customers happy and are finding wonderful solutions from VoIP systems. When an operator asks a client for permission to put them […]

IT Support in West Palm Beach: All You Need to Know About Next-Generation Firewall

With the increasing number of companies that are falling prey to attacks by hackers and online fraudsters, it is about time that you consider upgrading your network security to include a next-generation firewall. As you will see from this article, a next-generation firewall is more advanced than the traditional firewall.

Our IT Services Team in West Palm Beach Offers Tips to Prevent Laptop Overheating

Laptops are a great balance between the power of a desktop and the portability of a tablet or a smartphone. Laptops tend to overheat, however, which can lead to hardware problems and failures. Overheating can shorten the usable life of a laptop, according to the experts on IT services West Palm Beach companies trust with their technology.

Time for a Windows Upgrade, According to IT Support Firms in West Palm Beach

In January 2020, extended support for Windows 7 is going to end. If your business is still using this OS, now is the time to upgrade to Windows 10, according to the experts on IT support West Palm Beach companies trust and rely on. Why is upgrading now the best idea?

#1 Better Security

Windows 10 has built-in cybersecurity features that aren't available in the Windows 7 operating system.

Schedules are a breeze with Bookings

Manually managing appointments is a frustrating time-waster, especially when you factor in last minute cancellations and no-shows. With Bookings, you can let clients find available times for themselves and even have them automatically receive booking confirmations and timely appointment reminders. Here are more ways in which this simple app can tremendously help your business out: […]

Is SEO affected by website images?

When working with web platforms like WordPress, there are three letters that induce anxiety in any business owner: SEO (search engine optimization). It’s one of the most confusing aspects of running a business, and web apps that rate your SEO with no more than a red or green light don’t make it any easier. Read […]

4 Data backup solutions to consider

The modern business uses data in almost every aspect of its operations. Without immediate and constant access to it, a business will come to a grinding halt. What’s more, in the event of a disaster, it risks losing valuable data if it doesn’t have a backup strategy in place. Here are four data backup solutions […]

An easy solution to an ad-free File Explorer

Most of us hate distractions; so it is only natural to remove disruptive ads from your life as much as possible. File Explorer features such ads, but don’t fret. Here’s an easy solution to clean your File Explorer of ads. Who are getting these ads? With ads being displayed in different parts of Windows 10 […]

Some ransomware strains are free to decrypt

Over the last few years, different versions of ransomware have sprung up, all aimed at extorting money from your business. Before you even consider paying for the release of your data, the first thing you must always check is if there’s a free cure for the ransomware that infected your systems. The state of ransomware […]