How to Protect Your Business Database with IT Services in West Palm Beach

How to Protect Your Business Database with IT Services in West Palm Beach

The cloud has become quite secure in recent years, especially when you consider how insecure it was when it first hit the scene. However, safeguarding a business database on the cloud or elsewhere is easier said than done. Below, our IT services team in West Palm Beach provides some helpful tips to safeguard your business data whether it is hosted in the cloud or on an internal, on-site server.

Employee Education

Every single employee should understand your company's security policy. This means your team needs to be educated on the basics of digital security. Furthermore, security refresher courses will also be necessary to make employees aware of alterations. Continue to educate your team, provide them with the proper security training and it will be that much easier to defend your prized data. However, the same training will not suffice for every single employee. Provide each employee with role-specific training/education so they are capable of dealing with the digital threats most likely to arise. Our IT services team in West Palm Beach is here to train and educate your team on cybersecurity matters to keep your data safe at all times.

Be Proactive About Patching and Updating

Update the software your company uses as soon as updates become available. If any patches are released, implement them right away. Furthermore, you should make a concerted effort to keep the antivirus software updated so your business enjoys the best possible protection.

Consider Encryption

Encryption is an incredibly important tool for data protection. Nowadays, encryption is not strictly limited to tech geeks. Encrypt your data and those who pilfer it will find it useless as the information is concealed unless the proper key is used.

Beware of BYOD and Prepare Accordingly

Employees at all levels of your company are likely to use their personal devices to complete work. Therefore, it is imperative that your company develops a BYOD (bring your own device) policy to ensure employees do not expose valuable company data to those who hack or steal their personal computing devices. Your BYOD policy should be detailed yet easily understandable.

Password Management

Passwords are central to every business's security policy yet ensuring your employees' passwords are fully secure and your company's password policy is enforced is easier said than done. Establish organization-wide password standards. It might also be prudent to limit access to certain devices, locations, and groups.

We are on Your Side

It is clear business databases of all sizes and types are becoming increasingly vulnerable as the number of cyber threats continues to expand. At Nexxen Technologies, our IT services team in West Palm Beach is here to help protect your data and assist with the rest of your IT needs. Reach out to us today to learn more about our services.