Cybersecurity Misunderstandings to Be Avoided and Why You Need IT Support in West Palm Beach

Cybersecurity Misunderstandings to Be Avoided and Why You Need IT Support in West Palm Beach


IT services providers in West Palm Beach are constantly working with clients who come to them with huge misconceptions about technology management and security. This is easy to understand: IT is downright complicated. Even if you know what you're doing, fail to keep yourself updated on the market and inside five years you'll be an anachronism.

Tech exponentially doubles on itself every 18 months at the highest levels, and this trickles down over time. If you fall about five years behind, you've got massive catch-up to consider. Accordingly, a lot of misconceptions come from antiquated understanding that was valid at one time but isn't valid now. Following are three common issues that are often confused:

  1. Legal Industry Compliance Is Not The Same As IT Security
  2. IT services providers in West Palm Beach keep their clients compliant to laws for their industry or risk being fined congruently to clients who are found out of compliance. However, compliance itself isn't comprehensive security.

    Basically, compliance is your baseline security. It's like a lock on the door of your car. But in a wreck, that car could roll. If you don't have a seatbelt, you could be crushed. Compliance issues are locks on the door, a seatbelt is cybersecurity.

  3. Data Consolidation Won't Necessarily Increase Security or Efficiency
  4. Consolidate all data in one place and you're painting a target for ransomware hackers. Also, a singular data location will steadily lose efficiency as the hardware it's on becomes antiquated, and more data is added.

    You'll have to upgrade, and what you gained in terms of convenience is lost in terms of collateral fallout. IT experts advise a more "holographic" approach to data preservation, where it's in multiple places at once. You want backups, and in multiple locations.

  5. Penetration Tests of the Manual Variety Are Still a Very Wise Option
  6. Penetration testing needs to be manually done at intervals. AI is sophisticated, but it can't "think" critically yet. Accordingly, it's not creative. Human beings made computers, they can always find a way to hack them with dedicated effort. Accordingly, you need to turn that effort into manual pen-tests so you're able to see where you are truly vulnerable.

Understanding the Truth About Cybersecurity

At Nexxen Technologies, our IT services experts in West Palm Beach can help you figure out how to conduct a penetration test, maximize data management for security and efficiency, and maintain compliance as well as baseline security that's effective. Contact us now for more information!