IT Support in West Palm Beach: All You Need to Know About Next-Generation Firewall

IT Support in West Palm Beach: All You Need to Know About Next-Generation Firewall

With the increasing number of companies that are falling prey to attacks by hackers and online fraudsters, it is about time that you consider upgrading your network security to include a next-generation firewall. As you will see from this article, a next-generation firewall is more advanced than the traditional firewall. This upgrade comes with functionalities that will not only boost your IT network security but also transform your IT security from a reactive system to a preventive system. Read more to understand what a next-generation firewall is as discussed by an expert IT support provider in West Palm Beach.

What is a Next-Generation Firewall?

What comes to mind when the word next-generation or next-gen is mentioned? Well, we would expect such a word or phrase to paint a picture of something more advanced than its previous version. If that is what you see, then you are right. An expert IT support provider in West Palm Beach defines a next-generation firewall (NGFW) as a network security device whose capabilities exceed those of the traditional stateful firewall. An NGFW comes with all the features found in the traditional firewall plus some additional features that include integrated intrusion prevention, application awareness, and control and cloud-delivered threat analysis and intelligence.

Benefits of a Next-Generation Firewall

  • Advanced security and breach prevention - A next-generation firewall has features that enable it to detect the malware that might have by-passed your front-line defenses.
  • Comprehensive network visibility - This NGFW comes with a dashboard that allows you to see the entire stretch of your IT network. This is important because you will be able to have a holistic view of your IT network and know what is happening at what part of your network.
  • Access to flexible management and deployment options - The NGFW is designed in such a way that it meets the unique requirements of a small-to-medium enterprise as well as a large corporation. With such a system, you are assured that your firm’s security needs are taken care of even as you grow over time.

Parting Shot

There are many benefits that accrue to firms that opt to upgrade their traditional firewall to the next-generation firewall. Are you ready for the shift? If yes, contact us at Nexxen Technologies, Inc. We are a trusted IT support provider in West Palm Beach specialized in helping firms adopt new IT solutions. Contact us to learn more.