IT Services in West Palm Beach: 6 Tips on Cybersecurity Response Plans

IT Services in West Palm Beach: 6 Tips on Cybersecurity Response Plans


IT services in West Palm Beach might be your best bet for stopping cyber-attacks before they bring down your business. Today, threat actors are increasingly targeting small and medium enterprises, and the cost of a single cyber-attack is a whopping $1.1 million, according to Radware’s 2018-2019 Global Application and Network Security Report.

Having a comprehensive response plan in place is the only survival assurance businesses can have. Here are the tenets of a sound cybersecurity response plan:

  1. Clearly Define What You are Protecting
  2. Map out all your IT assets so you can have a clear vision of all systems and their vulnerabilities. Proceed then to prioritize your response plans based on how critical each asset is to the outcomes of your business.

  3. Strengthen Vulnerability Management
  4. It is crucial to carry out regular tests to reveal flaws such as outdated operating systems and non-compliant configurations. Prepare and keep an updated risk report on the same. You also need to roll back and recovery procedures for each possible security incident.

  5. Have Adequate Incident Response Personnel
  6. It’s prudent to have an IT services team in West Palm Beach solely dedicated to cyber incident response rather than having to put together one in the last minutes. These experts should have experience in malware analysis, threat intelligence, incident detection, and breach management.

  7. Define Tasks and Responsibilities
  8. Without clear roles in your team of cyber incident responders, there is a risk of confusion and inconsistent processes when mitigating threats. Each member of your team needs to know their roles before, during, and after a cyber incident.

  9. Create More Awareness
  10. End users are likely to fall victim to cyber-attacks or be used as ponies through social engineering and phishing. Any cyber defense strategy should always involve training and creating a culture of cyber risk awareness throughout the organization.

  11. Learn from Past Breaches
  12. A vibrant incident response strategy should focus on improving a company’s security over time. That would take comprehensive documentation during and after an incident. This data can, in the future, be used as a reference point to improve the organization’s response to attacks.

  13. Define the Standards for What You Would Call an Incident
  14. During an attack, faster detection and mitigation can save your company from millions of losses. Most threats don’t occur at once but come in a series of symptoms. Define parameters and set measures of preserving evidence when you eradicate threats.

Work with Experts

Don’t think that you have nothing to lose from a cyber-attack. Threat actors can target not only your company but also your clients and partners. At Nexxen Technologies Inc., we offer the best IT services in West Palm Beach. We can help you achieve continuity and resilience in your cyber strategies. Contact us today to learn more.