Be Wary of Mobile Hacks! Employ IT Services in West Palm Beach for Prevention

Be Wary of Mobile Hacks! Employ IT Services in West Palm Beach for Prevention


Cases of cybercrime are on the rise, especially among small and medium-sized businesses. As many workplaces embrace the idea of bring-your-own-device (BYOD), there is a need to engage IT services experts in West Palm Beach to safeguard your system from mobile hacks. Mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are vulnerable to hacks and other network security risks and must be handled with care.

Mobile hacks should be a real concern for any business since data breaches can throw an already financially challenged SMB out of business. If your customer/client data is breached, there could be potential litigation costs, lost goodwill, and irreparable damage to your brand reputation. Here are other ways your business could suffer from a successful mobile hack:

Financial Losses

Every year, businesses lose millions of dollars through mobile hacks. The cost of patching holes in your security system, addressing lawsuits, weathering system shutdowns, and repaying customer losses can escalate into millions. In 2011, Sony lost $170 due to hacking on their PlayStation system.

Information Loss

Mobile hacking often results in data loss as files are deleted or changed. Since mobile hacking often involves the loss of the mobile device itself, you can imagine the massive amount of data that goes with it. Customer data and order information can be stolen, deleted, or leaked to third party entities. Top secret information could land in the wrong hands and cause real-world security issues. Sometimes, mobile hackers even post information from these gadgets online, which could cause real privacy issues.

Damaged Reputation

Companies that suffer mobile hacks don’t just worry about financial losses and lawsuits. Reputation damage can be devastating to your fortunes. Your customers will less likely share their personal information and your company will lose business over time. Engage the services of IT services providers in West Palm Beach to protect your company from costly mobile hacks.

Reduced Privacy

Hackers can gain access to your mobile device and see everything about you and your organization. Since much of your personal, financial, and professional information lives in your mobile device, you risk losing much more than finances or information. Since everything is going online these days, your privacy is limited. When hackers gain access to your emails, personal photos, and social networking accounts, they could quickly destroy that privacy.

Mobile Device Management Services

Through mobile device management (MDM) services, your company can identify and monitor all mobile devices accessing your network. This centralized management makes it easy to configure each device to securely share and update data.

At Nexxen Technologies, we provide MDM services. Our IT services team in West Palm Beach can secure your mobile devices by enacting strong password policies and encryption, detecting and restricting compromised devices, locating and wiping out lost devices, enabling real-time diagnosis, and removing corporate data from any system. Contact us now and let us safeguard your business.