How an IT Services Provider in West Palm Beach Can Help You Establish Secure Backup Protocols

How an IT Services Provider in West Palm Beach Can Help You Establish Secure Backup Protocols


The Importance of a Backup Solution

IT services in West Palm Beach can be an integral component of data security. Internal backup solutions often go untested and don't employ best practices in data presentation. Many small businesses forget that proper backup begins before a disaster and has a proactive quality in terms of defense. 

Backup Best Practices

Monitoring of networks on a continuous basis, firewalls, anti-malware, and internal training are all key in facilitating data preservation. That said, in terms of specific backup protocols, MSPs often advise several notable practices:

Exercising The 3-2-1 Backup Rule; Cloud Backup Is Ideal

IT services firms in West Palm Beach are likely to advise the 3-2-1 backup strategy--- three separate backups located in at least two locations, one of which being on separate media.

So perhaps you have an off-site server backup, an on-site server backup, and a cloud option. Cloud computing is ideal in data backup and recovery and can make database mirroring options available for when public networks are impacted, and operations must be maintained. 

Encrypting Backup for Expanded Security

West Palm Beach IT support providers are also likely to encourage businesses to encrypt backup repositories. This can be a glaring vulnerability. A cybercriminal may go into your backup systems to steal proprietary data if it isn't properly encrypted.

However, with proper encryption, access and decryption protocols must be in play which don't seriously impact recovery time. MSPs can be ideal in helping manage such best practices. The faster you can recover, the less impact downtime losses will have.

If Feasible, Backing Up Data Daily

Sometimes networks generate so much data that backing up daily isn't an option. This may be a sign that scaling out is necessary, but it will depend on the business. Regardless, if you can backup daily, do so. What may be necessary is conducting full backups to get things "up to speed." From there, the daily backup may be significantly shorter. This will differ per business.


Testing Data Backup Protocols for Effectiveness

West Palm Beach IT support providers also recommend testing backup solutions at regular intervals and simulating recovery. All three backup options should be tested every several months, depending on your business.

Establishing More Secure Operations

IT services in West Palm Beach through Nexxen Technologies, Inc. can help you test your backups, increase backup frequency sustainably, encrypt data, and manage your data on the cloud. Contact us for more information.