Our IT Support Team in West Palm Beach Presents the Top IT Security Trends for 2019

Our IT Support Team in West Palm Beach Presents the Top IT Security Trends for 2019

Security remains a primary focus for IT organizations around the world in 2019, according to experts on IT support in West Palm Beach. With continuing threats of cyberattacks and emerging technologies, it's important for businesses of all sizes to take notice of these trends and to assess their impact. Let's look at a few of the top trends in IT security:

#1 Increased Threat for IoT Devices

Devices that connect to the Internet pose a security risk as they often have little to no security installed. Hackers will continue to exploit these weak points to try to infiltrate company networks and IT assets.

#2 Increased Automation of Security Processes

Vendors of IT security products are offering more options for automating security processes. This is in response to the shortage of Information Security personnel in many companies. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are part of this automation trend.

#3 Increased Focus on Data-Centric Security

Companies need to know what kind of data they store, where it's physically located, who accesses it, and how it needs to be handled. This information makes it easier for IT support firms in West Palm Beach to secure data and keep hackers from obtaining access.

#4 Increased Use of Cloud Computing

The scalability and cost structures associated with cloud computing make it highly attractive for companies of any size. Along with its popularity comes security concerns. Companies need to keep data encrypted, use stronger access protocols, and monitor it constantly.

#5 Increased Enforcement of Compliance Rules

Companies often delay notifying consumers and government agencies on data breaches. This goes against existing and proposed compliance rules. With the increase in breaches and rising public concern, it is likely that compliance is going to be more strictly enforced.

#6 Increased Attacks Using Personal Data

Hackers are gathering personal data at unprecedented rates. Identify theft and phishing attacks are two ways they exploit this information. Another emerging trend is blackmail in exchange for money or corporate secrets.

#7 Increased Use of Blockchain Data Security

Blockchain technology is in its infancy in the word of data security. However, due to its potential and speed, its use will increase throughout 2019 and likely well into the future.


Don't let these IT security trends intimidate you. The better option is to know what they mean and how they will impact your company. That way you can take action in 2019 to keep your company safe. If you want to learn more about how these trends affect your company, contact us at Nexxen Technologies, Inc. We are the experts on IT support West Palm Beach businesses rely on for their company's cybersecurity.