IT Services in West Palm Beach: Understanding Encryption

IT Services in West Palm Beach: Understanding Encryption

Most people have heard of encryption in passing yet few have a true understanding of what encryption actually is. Nor does the layman understand how encryption is used. This lack of understanding is forgivable considering the technical nature of encryption. Encryption is essential for maintaining the security of online data, email transmissions and other information transferred through the internet. Here's a closer look at encryption provided by IT services experts in West Palm Beach:

Encryption Basics

Encryption is the encoding of data, so it is strictly accessed by those with the key. The purpose of encoding data and limiting access to designated individuals or groups is to safeguard sensitive data from unauthorized parties. Encryption is performed with the use of code that prevents unauthorized parties from accessing sensitive data. When information is encrypted with the proper system and used in the proper manner, digital thieves will not be able to see the data.

Encryption algorithms are used to perform the actual encryption of the sensitive information. These algorithms are also referred to as ciphers. It is interesting to note as soon as something is encrypted with a key, decryption is possible. This is one of the more important distinctions between hashing and encryption.

Encryption Types

According to IT support experts in Palm Beach, the most common type of encryption is symmetric-key encryption. This form of encryption uses the same key in encryption and decryption. Data can also be encrypted with public-key encryption. This form of encryption is comparably complicated as a single public key is available to encrypt the data. A matching private key is relied upon for decryption. This way, individuals who have not met “in real life” can communicate with one another in a secure manner. Digital signatures also rely on public-key encryption for digital signatures. Such signatures confirm the legitimacy of data.

An Example of Encryption

If your head spins when you attempt to understand encryption, don't fret! Our IT services team in West Palm Beach is here to help you understand, implement, and make the most of encryption.

Let's take a look at a simple example to help clarify encryption. Consider an individual who desires to encrypt the word "bid." The “B” in bid is shifted three letters higher to become “E”, the “i” becomes an “l” and so on. Once encrypted, the word “Bid” becomes “Elg”. In order to decrypt this message, the recipient must know the encryption algorithm relies on an upward shift of three.


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