IT Services in West Palm Beach: Safeguarding Critical Data

IT Services in West Palm Beach: Safeguarding Critical Data

Attributes of Data Preservation

IT services providers in West Palm Beach are going to provide data preservation solutions which are considerable for all types of businesses. While it's entirely possible to effect data preservation techniques on your own, you're likely going to avoid operational issues with greater ease if you work with a managed service provider (MSP) which specializes in such solutions.

Still, not all data preservation strategies are created equal. Some will be more effective than others. Following are four attributes of sustainable data preservation solutions worth considering:

1. Navigation That's Intuitive

IT services in West Palm Beach are going to come in many "flavors", if you will. You're looking for a means of managing your data that has a level of intuitiveness to it which makes navigation less difficult. If it's hard to go through your files and manage them, this could be as costly as no backup at all. Time is money. Also, you need to be able to access important data. If you've got multiple choices in terms of data backup and recovery solutions, one way to narrow the selection down may involve how easy it is to interface with the solution.

2. Sustainability and Performance

Whatever solution you choose must be sustainable in the long run. That means renewal must be built-in. Additionally, you need to know that the backup solution you've chosen will perform as advertised.

It is now estimated that the cost of downtime is about $140k for larger businesses. That's quite a bit. But with any security solution protecting data, you'll need to test things out. So, both sustainability and performance can be gauged in proper testing. Working with an established tech provider can be key in helping you avoid solutions which don't pass muster.

3. A Properly Comprehensive Strategy

Your backup strategy must be comprehensive. The 3-2-1 rule is advisable here— three backups on two separate types of media, one of which being located off-site.

4. The Ability to Scale Up as Necessary

Finally, ensure whatever data security solution you put together can be scaled outward as your business expands. Technology doubles on itself in terms of scope and ability at 18-month intervals. The best security is a waste of money if it can't keep pace with such a transition.

Finding Your Best Solution

An IT services provider in West Palm Beach can help you find the best tech solution in terms of security for your business. At Nexxen Technologies, we can help you scale up, initiate comprehensive solutions, provide sustainable performance, and intuitive navigation. Contact us now for more information.