Take Your SMB’s Data Protection Seriously with IT Support in West Palm Beach

Take Your SMB’s Data Protection Seriously with IT Support in West Palm Beach


Your data is your company's most valuable asset, but it is also its most vulnerable. The consequences of a data breach can be far graver than just potential data loss. To avoid these potential consequences, data protection from an IT support firm in West Palm Beach must be a top priority for any SMB.

Get Your Data Recognized and Organized

One of the biggest vulnerabilities when it comes to data protection is the fact that you likely don't know where all your data is stored. In many SMBs, data is kept in discrete pockets on laptops, desktops, smart devices, network appliances, and servers.

You need to know where each pocket of data resides, what value it holds, and how best to protect it. Because if you don't protect it, hackers will find it.

SMBs are a Hacker's Dream

Over half of all cyberattacks hit small to medium-sized businesses. Hackers have recognized that these businesses are less likely to have strong protection in place. A small company is also often overworked, making it easier to slip in through human error.

You need a strong security policy in place with clear consequences for human error data breaches. Employees need to be trained to spot phishing attacks.

A Single Data Breach Can Be Devastating

If a hacker gets inside your network and accesses your data, there can be serious consequences. You could be facing serious fines and penalties. Your reputation could suffer because you will be perceived as someone who doesn't take data security seriously. You could lose customers, employees, and vendors. This strongly demonstrates the importance of IT support in West Palm Beach. You must take on a "when it happens" attitude instead of an "if it happens" one.

Overseas Business Is Getting More Complicated

Those companies that do business overseas have even more to worry about when it comes to data protection. On May 25th, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation came into full force. It regulates how you handle the data of any EU citizen. If a data breach occurs, you must notify certain authorities and could face a stiff financial penalty. Awareness of the GDPR is a must for companies doing business overseas or those who want to expand into the EU.

As your company grows, you are going to have even more to worry about when it comes to protecting your company's data. It is important to take a proactive stance now before it's too late. If you need help with protecting your company's data, contact us at Nexxen Technologies, Inc. today. We are the leading IT support firm in West Palm Beach companies trust with their data.