IT Support in West Palm Beach: Common Misconceptions About Virtualization

IT Support in West Palm Beach: Common Misconceptions About Virtualization


IT virtualization has become a standard approach to technology, and businesses are contracting IT support companies in West Palm Beach to consolidate their computing resources, fasten responsiveness, and lower their expenditures.

As the computing environment expands and accommodates more infrastructures, there's increased complexity in the deployment and management of IT processes. Virtualization offers an ideal solution.

While there are various options when executing virtualization, here are some common misconceptions about it, and the corresponding truths concerning them:

Virtualization Makes IT Processes More Complex

While the comfort of fixed workstations offers the simplicity of interactions of hardware and software resources, a virtualized IT environment is no different. Although virtualization eliminates the traditional workstations, it only makes the VDUs more powerful, not complex.

For instance, one computer can support various virtual desktops. The benefits of the computing model used in a virtualized environment are the ease of access and the sharing of computing power.

Virtualization is Costly for Businesses

IT support providers in West Palm Beach offer cutting-edge solutions for the advanced use of virtual computing environments. They enable the sharing of computing resources between various applications. Unlike the traditional model, the new model allows a full-spectrum sharing of infrastructures so that you don’t have to invest in hardware for every IT function.

As a result, it saves you money on hardware purchases. Besides, virtualization allows you to manage your systems better, which boosts your overall efficiency in administrative tasks, such as networking monitoring and user-permissions enforcement.

Software Licensing is Troublesome

The misconception that running various virtual machines requires more software licensing is simply untrue. Whether you run two or tens of virtual machines, only one license of Windows OS is required.

There is no difference between software licensing in a virtual environment and the traditional computing model. Therefore, you’re not going to experience a bloated budget for switching to a virtual computing infrastructure.

Virtualization is Hard to Manage

While cloud computing is better known than virtualization solutions, they work the same and can be run remotely with no extra effort or costs. Thus, it is untrue that the technology is hard to run and support.

On the contrary, it simplifies IT support since most tasks are executed remotely in a virtual environment.

It is common for new technologies to bring about confusion before they’re adopted and become part of your day-to-day operations.

With a qualified IT support provider in West Palm Beach like Nexxen Technologies, Inc., you can minimize the learning curve and deploy virtualization solutions to boost the efficiency of your IT functions. Contact us now to learn how we can simplify the process of adopting virtualization within your organization