IT Support in Fort Lauderdale: Understanding Edge Computing

IT Support in Fort Lauderdale: Understanding Edge Computing


The cloud seems to be on the tip of every tongue. Cloud computing has hit a mainstream tipping point for good reason, yet some argue this technology will be edged out (pun intended) in the near future. Edge computing is gaining strength as a form of processing data along the network edge. Rather than relying on the cloud to store processing power, several small data centers positioned near or at the source process data. Below, our IT support team in Fort Lauderdale explains the basics of edge computing.

Make Way for Edge Computing

The aim of edge computing is moving data close to the device in question. Ideally, data will be moved within 100 square feet or closer. This is quite the contrast to the cloud computing model that allows for remote access to data and infrastructure from just about any point on the globe. The issue with cloud computing lies in the fact that resources are stored in a distant space, spurring lag and performance problems. Alternatively, edge computing process data nearby to eliminate the problems of cloud computing and allow for use across myriad business applications.

How Edge Computing is Used in the Workplace

At this point, you are likely wondering how edge computing can be used for your business. If you are hesitant to use this technology, don't worry. Our IT support team in Fort Lauderdale is here to help. As an example, businesses in the gas and oil industries use IoT technology that measures the health of everything from humidity to temperature, pressure level and beyond. Edge computing allows for the easy analysis of the vast amounts of information collected by IoT devices. This data is transmitted to control centers rather than having to move across the network. This approach allows for real-time access to important insights that help pinpoint problems and sidestep disasters before incidents arise.

Speed Up Your Business Performance

Though the cloud can certainly process data quite quickly, there will be latency issues that do not occur with edge computing. These latency problems cause slow responses for devices hooked up to the web. Edge computing hastens the delivery of information, improving the performance of all devices connected to the internet.

Enhanced Security

Security is one of the primary roadblocks to cloud adoption. Edge computing decreases the level of cloud traffic as it allows for the filtering and storing of highly sensitive information in a safe, local space.

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