Why Law Firms Should Seek IT Support in Fort Lauderdale

Why Law Firms Should Seek IT Support in Fort Lauderdale


Burgeoning Threats

IT support in Fort Lauderdale must remain on top in terms of security for a number of reasons. One of the primary ones is technological development. Moore's Law may not be scientific in the strictest sense, but it is a representative of reality from several angles. If you are unfamiliar, Moore predicted that technology would double itself at regular intervals.

Now there is controversy over the exact interval that Moore settled on; you will find a lot of consensus around 18 months. This means that after every 18 months the potential of computer technology doubles. This is very progressive, and it is good for business in many respects. However, as technology upgrades, the associated vulnerabilities are also on the increase. Titanic OS upgrades sometimes run against iceberg-sized hackers. It does not matter how strong or comprehensive the leap in computer tech is because there is always something out there that can sink such a tech ship.

As a law firm, you are going to deal with a large amount of sensitive information that is difficult to process, transport, and secure. It's also the kind of information for which there is more likely to be theft incentive. Imagine a case where you're defending former "Wise Guy" who has decided to testify. You can bet there will be an increased likelihood of hacking and snooping.

Optimizing Operations

Beyond hacking, you want your operations to be optimized. Case files can be massive and storing physical copies can require hours of filing and box stacking. Storing data securely in digital form can save processing time and allows your firm operate efficiently. This is advantageous, especially around the holidays. Many in legal practices find themselves overworked as the holidays approach. With Thanksgiving around the corner, you do not want to unbuckle your belt after a meal of turkey and stuffing or lose your appetite pacing back and forth over a particular legal strategy. IT support in Fort Lauderdale can securely and cost-effectively help your firm optimize operations. This leads to increased productivity through decreased loss of time. This can additionally help you be a more competitive firm when compared to rival legal organizations.

Avenues of Approach

There are a couple of ways to go about acquiring requisite IT support, which is recommendable over others. You do not want a break/fix model. This will just give you an IT agency who acts as a middle-man between you and repair vendors.

This is what you need:

  • Services provided at a flat-fee
  • Services that provide compliance as well as privacy and security
  • Services that are easily scalable

Flat-fee services provide your firm with a predictable expense regularly. Services that are private, secure and compliant protect clients’ confidentiality while offsetting cybercriminals and conserving expenses which come from being out of compliance. Shared liability silhouettes many MSP operations, meaning if you are out of compliance, they are in trouble too. Finally, MSP services make upgrading or scaling outward less complicated.

IT support in Fort Lauderdale through Nexxen Technologies, Inc. can provide your practice services at a flat fee that is in compliance with legal needs while providing requisite security and privacy, and easier scalability. Contact us to upgrade your law firm, save time, increase competitiveness, and expand your productivity.