Why Desktop Virtualization Should Be Part of an IT Support in Fort Lauderdale

Why Desktop Virtualization Should Be Part of an IT Support in Fort Lauderdale


Among services offered by providers of IT support in Fort Lauderdale, one of the most common is desktop virtualization. Sounds complicated, but simply put desktop virtualization refers to the technology that segregates the desktop environment along with its apps from the physical device used to access it. Usually, the desktop environment is hosted on a virtual machine (VM) that runs on a remote central server. Users can run access the system from their own devices wherever they are and whenever they want.

Many small-and-medium-sized businesses (SMBs) working with limited budgets have opted for desktop virtualization. This doesn’t come as a surprise; it’s only practical for SMBs to choose a solution that’s priced reasonably but still works effectively. Not quite convinced it’s the right direction for your company? Consider the following:

Bigger savings

Without desktop virtualization, you have to pay for costs for hardware, software, support, and maintenance. Let’s say you have 25 employees. Upfront, you’ll have to buy 25 devices and 25 licenses for each application used. Then you’ll have to train a team to service these devices and licenses, and also provide troubleshooting help to your employees. That’s going to cost a lot!

But with outsourced desktop virtualization, there’s only one server needed to host the desktop environment and one license for each application. Because remote access is enabled, you can implement a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policy in which employees can use their personal devices for work reasons. You won’t need initial capital to buy the hardware. As for support and maintenance, your chosen provider takes care of both. No hassle for you at all.

Smoother processes

Imagine having to update 25 devices one by one whenever there’s a security policy change or newly released update. Your IT team will have their hands full all the time just attending to these devices. Instead of focusing on more pressing matters, they’ll be always busy with administrative tasks.

However, it’s a different scenario when you partner with a provider of IT support in Fort Lauderdale. Their team will install updates, patches, upgrades, and fixes remotely. Because there’s only one central location, there’s also only one machine to work on. All devices connected to the desktop environment will be synced with the latest version of the system as soon as employees go online.

Tighter security

It’s hard to what employees do on their devices if these are not connected to a central server. They can copy data to an external storage location, install unauthorized software, and inadvertently introduce viruses. Of course, you can monitor them one by one, but it’s not efficient.

On the other hand, desktop virtualization removes that problem. Company data can’t be copied to a thumb drive because it can be saved only on the central server. Unauthorized software can’t be downloaded and installed because restrictions are implemented on the desktop environment itself. Best of all, monitoring is centralized along with other processes necessary to manage the system.

If you’re interested in desktop virtualization as part of an IT support in Fort Lauderdale, partner with us at Nexxen Technologies. With more than 17 years of experience in delivering IT services to SMBs, we are confident we can help you achieve your goals. Contact us for more details.