Proactive IT Support in West Palm Beach is Recommendable to Break/Fix Models

Proactive IT Support in West Palm Beach is Recommendable to Break/Fix Models


Maximizing Technology Investment

IT support in West Palm Beach is likely going to come from one of two families. There is the break/fix support, and the proactive support. Either may be more or less appropriate for your business, but you're likely to find you get more "mileage" out of your technology with the proactive model.

With break/fix support, nothing gets fixed until it breaks, at which point your IT solution sends somebody out that is either one of their workers or a vendor. The problem is fixed, but oftentimes it predicates part replacement. If that which fails is critical enough, it could undermine your operation entirely.

One of the best ways to explain this is with a car analogy. If you never change the oil on your car, it’s eventually going to destroy the vehicle. The fallout could mean a cracked cylinder, seized engine, or any number of things. But here's the twist: it could take 100,000 miles for that to happen. Granted, you're more likely to see negative effects sooner, but sometimes the vehicle just keeps going until it requires a fix so expensive it makes more sense just to get another vehicle. Meanwhile, if regular maintenance were conducted on the vehicle, it would have lasted 200,000 miles or more. Some cars can make it to one million miles.

Your servers, laptops, and desktops can be maintained similarly. At a certain point, you pass an event horizon wherein maintaining servers puts you at a competitive disadvantage through loss of operational efficiency. But if you get to that point, you've likely maximized your server anyway, and it's time for a natural upgrade. Getting five years out of a server is like getting 500,000 miles out of a car.

Managed Systems

IT support in West Palm Beach can get the most out of your systems in a more cost-effective than internal solutions. Additionally, if you find the right IT support, you can get a competitive edge on similar businesses through adopting tech solutions before they do, like bring your own device (BYOD). BYOD allows you to outsource equipment to employees, maximizing profitability while reducing operational overhead related to space rental and equipment expenses.

This system can then be managed by your MSP, substituting high infrastructural cost for a lower outsourced one. Plus, the MSP can proactively monitor operations to ensure core systems are maximized, and satellite systems don't compromise core operations. That's something else proactive service does: it provides continuous protection.

To sum it up, benefits of going the proactive route over the break/fix route include:

  • Infrastructure cost reduction
  • Competitive edge facilitation
  • IT investiture maximization

One final thing to consider is that tech innovations are always in development. This is where the car analogy starts to break down. You can run a 1950s classic in the present day without a great loss in functionality through modification, parts replacement, and care. Computers from the fifties aren't really viable today except as some museum curiosity. Tech has a shorter shelf life, and if your core focus isn't in managing tech, MSPs make some real sense. IT support in West Palm Beach through Nexxen Technologies, Inc. can help you experience such advantages- contact us to optimize your operations.