Managing Your Support Requests to Your IT Support Provider in Fort Lauderdale

Managing Your Support Requests to Your IT Support Provider in Fort Lauderdale


Managed IT support in Fort Lauderdale can help in streamlining your technological process. However, if you do not have a standard support process to use when your company encounters problems the efficiency of the MSP will be reduced. If you would like to ensure that your needs are met with haste and effectiveness you must have an established and reliable procedure to help you take action in times of network problems. Here are simple guidelines on ensuring that your IT support process is reliable.

Request for a Contact Person

You should always have an account manager or a contact person in your IT support firm. In simple terms, you should not settle for calling different people when you encounter challenges; regardless of the size of your business. If you must talk to different technicians, you will not have an opportunity to develop an understanding or a relationship. This can make the support request process more time-consuming and inefficient.

If you have a single technician who deals with your company your staff will know who to call. Also, they will not have to provide mundane details about your business before obtaining actual help. The person should always be available on a convenient communication platform. You can use email or an online support management tool to reach out to your contact person. You should also designate the job of contacting the support company to a single employee.

Record IT Support Requests

You should track the requests made to your IT support team in Fort Lauderdale. If a problem arises in your network you should record it as you send a request for assistance. This practice promotes accountability and increases efficiency. Most companies use a spreadsheet to take note of the nature of the request, time, and the presenter of the complaint. However, the bulk of requests can quickly become overwhelming.

Therefore, you should consider purchasing and installing an IT service desk system. This type of software can help you increase the efficiency of dealing with your technological problems. The framework will help you sort the problems and identify the priority cases for your business. These can be presented to the MSP for resolution. If it is a simple matter of misunderstanding or lack of knowledge in the staff you can deal with the issue in-house.

You should note that some complex tools will allow you to integrate the IT inventory information into the service desk for quicker identification of problems. Also, you can manage the reports on the progress of IT problem resolution on the same platform.

Ask Your MSP for Advice

If your IT support comes solely from an external service provider, you should consult the MSP technicians before implementing an IT solution such as the service help desk. Often, these companies will provide software resources for communicating. Therefore, making unilateral decisions could translate into unnecessary financial losses. Also, they might have their own preferences in the format of support requests.

Finally, you should track the performance of your IT support in Fort Lauderdale to ensure that they are meeting the SLA conditions. To learn more about managing tech support in your business, contact our technicians at Nexxen Technologies, Inc.