IT Support in Fort Lauderdale: The Connection Between BC and DR

IT Support in Fort Lauderdale: The Connection Between BC and DR

When it comes to IT support in Fort Lauderdale, many businesses don't know how to go about preparing for a potential disaster. It seems like everyone dreads to think about business continuity (BC) and disaster recovery (DR). The unfortunate truth is a single nasty event can destroy data and send a business spiraling to its doom. Data loss can spur excessive downtime, the loss of information that took years to amass, severed ties with business partners/clients, and even a closure of the business.

Backup and Disaster Recovery is Essential

Every business should have a foolproof means of recovering following data loss. The failure to recover data within a week of the incident drastically increases the odds of the business folding in the following year. Anything from a natural disaster like a flood, fire, or tornado to cyberattacks, hardware failure, and even user error can cause considerable data loss.

Specific data backup and disaster recovery procedures must be in place before any of these disasters strike. Regular data backups must be performed. Your business should have a quick and accurate means of recovering data in the immediate aftermath of one of the emergencies outlined above.

Strategies for Backup and Disaster Recovery

There is no reason to store data backups on-site. If a hurricane, flood, fire or other natural disaster tears through the area, you will lose the original data as well as the backed up version(s). It is prudent to store data backups off-site and/or in the cloud so a single event can't wipe out all versions of your business's most prized information.

It is imperative that your data is backed up on a frequent basis. If disaster strikes, you need to know your data is as recent and accurate as possible. If it is weeks, months or years old, recovering it won't prove that helpful. So don't rely on tape backups as a comprehensive means of preserving information. A well-reasoned and effective backup and disaster recovery approach backs up data as frequently as every 20 minutes or so. In some instances, it is even possible to back up data on a more frequent basis.

You can reduce downtime by quickly transmitting your company's data to your infrastructure. If you rely on tapes for this component of the recovery process, it will prove egregiously slow and even somewhat wasteful. An IT support team in Fort Lauderdale can implement a true backup and disaster recovery solution so your data is automatically deployed by way of the cloud for a comprehensive recovery without delay.

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