Stay Ahead of the Hackers with IT Services in Boca Raton

Stay Ahead of the Hackers with IT Services in Boca Raton

As the Internet of Things becomes more and more prevalent, attacks by hackers will undoubtedly increase, which is why you should seek out IT services in Boca Raton. Mainly, the compromised systems will be mobile devices, such as Android and iOS, but these won't be the only compromised systems and software. Hackers will use any point of entry they can to gain access to sensitive data. On the other hand, a stronger security protocol is also a rising trend in the IoT market. Between increased hacking and increased security, in the coming days you can expect:

  • Android/iOS Hacks
  • External Device Hacks
  • Security Products Specifically Aimed At IoT
  • Complete Data Encryption - End-To-End
  • Solutions Using Behavior To Identify Users (Behavioral Identification)
  • Security Solutions Utilizing AI
  • Expansion Of Security Education

Android/iOS Hacks

It's expected that by the end of this year, 44% or more of people globally will own smartphones. The global population right now is around 7.5 billion, which means that globally there will be approximately 3.3 billion people using smartphones by the end of the year. The vast majority of those phones will be either Android or iOS. That's a big target for any hacker, and you can expect cybercriminals to start taking pot-shots. Security is integral now, and if you don't have it, you'll wish you did. IT services in Boca Raton can help you secure yourself.

External Device Hacks

It's actually pretty easy to hack a Wi-Fi-enabled device that hasn't been properly safeguarded. A couple of well-known hackers recently hacked into a Jeep and stopped it dead remotely. Without security, any device using IoT tech is vulnerable. However, the right kind of protection can safeguard data, property, and operations.

Specifically IoT-Centered Products

There is a definite need for IoT security solutions. In the coming months and years, you can expect to see a substantial expansion of available security options and packages. 

End-To-End Encryption

Before IoT, encryption would most often be used for more important, extremely sensitive data. As IoT solutions, cloud computing, and other innovations begin to flood the market, you can expect to see all data encrypted--- not just that which is deemed the most sensitive.

Behavioral Identification

There is software being designed right now which helps identify a possible cyber criminal act through behavioral patterns. If there's someone using your smartphone, laptop, or another device who exhibits markedly different operational idiosyncrasies, the behavioral pattern security program will lock them out. Expect behavioral identification to play a big part in security measures pertaining to IoT in the near future. 

AI Security Solutions

One way that security is being enhanced today involves machine learning and artificial intelligence. Programs are designed to learn as they protect, identify potential issues, and secure operations more quickly than conscious tech professionals can. 

Education Expansion

With so many changes, it's now necessary to educate employees, professionals, and recreational IoT users about security risks and solutions. Expect to see an increase in IoT education solutions very soon.

Protecting Your Business Proactively

IT services in Boca Raton through Nexxen Technologies, Inc. can help you adopt the latest IoT solutions cost-effectively and securely. You can increase productivity and profitability with the latest tech while knowing your systems are reliably protected. Contact us to secure your IoT solutions.