You Need MDM from an IT Support Firm in West Palm Beach for Data Protection

You Need MDM from an IT Support Firm in West Palm Beach for Data Protection

When choosing your IT support provider in West Palm Beach, you should make sure that they can provide mobile device management (MDM) services. In the recent past, the number of people using devices such as tablets and smartphones to perform commercial tasks has risen. This development has increased productivity because employees can work on the move. In addition, the expenses for the company can be reduced with programs such as ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD).

However, the increase of mobile devices has presented a new challenge, which is data security. When employees are using computers within the company premises, it is easier to control the flow of information through onsite management solutions. However, mobile devices are more difficult to manage with the same process because they are used in different locations. Re-routing their operations to your onsite solution will cause processing lags.

If you want your company data to remain secure without compromising the operational capabilities of your mobile devices, you should consider choosing cloud MDM services from your MSP. The IT support technicians will provide a cloud-based platform or system where your company data can be stored and processed without any risks. Consider this brief discussion on cloud-based MDM and data security.

Cloud-Based MDM and Business Data Security

Accidental Data Distribution

With most companies using their personal devices for work, the accidental distribution of data has become a major concern. For example, an individual might accidentally combine their personal files with confidential corporate data. If the device is stolen, the business will be at risk. In addition, with the numerous social media applications on phones and tablets, a company file might be shared.

When you choose an MDM solution from an IT support firm in West Palm Beach, the management platform will prevent access to data from just any application. In simple terms, only the cloud-managed apps by the MSP can open the files on business matters. This removes the security blind spot for your company and reduces the risk of information abuse.

Sensitive Data

Sensitive business data can be risky, even within the business premises. When you have a cloud-based managed solution, the MSP system will have policies in place to monitor data. In case of critical information like credit card info that should not be shared, the platform will automatically enforce some protective measures. For example, it can prevent an email with confidential information from being forwarded.

Securing Identity with Cloud-Based MDM

When using mobile devices, the login identities are crucial. If these are exposed, the company data will be at risk. It is not reasonable to expect employees to have unique identities and passwords to sign into every company application or functionality on their phone. Therefore, the best solution is using a cloud-based solution for identity management.

In general, the employees can use their single sign-on identity that they use at work for their computers. Your MSP will help you link the onsite identities to a directory in the cloud. This will allow managed devices to log into company applications with one simple identity without compromising data security.

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