Can Your IT Services Firm in Boca Raton Cast Many Spells to Protect Your Network Like Harry Potter?

Can Your IT Services Firm in Boca Raton Cast Many Spells to Protect Your Network Like Harry Potter?

Areas of Cost-Conservation
IT services in Boca Raton may seem to have a sort of magical technology to them these days, especially considering technological developments in the last five or six years. For example, if you pay $10k a month on an office for 20 to 60 employees, you may be able to drop that down to $1,000 a month for two or three employees in management while putting the rest in a BYOD designation which ultimately saves everybody time and money.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) campaigns using Desktop as a Service (DaaS) are becoming more popular precisely because they can facilitate savings like this. As a matter of fact, you'll likely save even more. The reason is that if you're using BYOD and DaaS over a cloud network, you can diminish business expenses pertaining to on-site technology. If you're able to send 57 employees to their homes for work on their own devices, that's 57 devices your business no longer has to pay for. You could even send them off with the old laptops and allow them to use those devices until they wear out, and then source their own.

Protection and Defense
Another thing to consider is protection and defense. The best defense is a good offense and that means having proactive monitoring which is always patrolling the digital premises. Cloud computing support can provide some substantial security in this realm as well.

It Sounds Magical!
When you step back and look at all that, it seems to have a trans-dimensional nature to it. DaaS, BYOD, the cloud, and BDR (Backup and Data Recovery) through a cogent MSP providing proactive support--- these terms almost sound like incantations! "DaaS! BYOD! Cloud!" You can almost imagine Harry Potter snapping his wand in the wind while these terms take magical shape and come to reorganize a business such that it has the same--- and improved--- operational ability, but at a much-reduced cost.

It really does seem magical, but it isn't. It’s just technologically advanced and this is a trend. If you aren't familiar with Moore's Law, it is currently defined as an eighteen months cycle wherein technology doubles on itself--- this is exponential. So two becomes four, four becomes 16, 16 becomes 256, 256 becomes, 65,636--- and that's a lot more than two, isn't it? This is why a single smartphone today has more power in it than that of NASA during the Apollo space missions.

Starting to get the picture? IT services providers in Boca Raton can provide services on the cutting edge like that. And you need that kind of nigh-magical tech ability, because within 18 months at the highest levels of development, the numbers will have compounded again. This is why technology has such high depreciation. You've got a three to five-year life cycle on average and you'll need a tech wizard in order to keep up with changes as they develop.

Finding the Most Magically-Endowed MSP
IT services in Boca Raton through Nexxen Technologies, Inc. bring a true level of wizardry to tech development very much like Harry Potter's own brand. Partner with us for advantages like:

  • Increased infrastructural optimization
  • Cost reduction
  • Competitive edge
  • Maximization of technology

Getting some true tech wizardry into your business can definitely help you expand outward successfully. Contact us today to learn more.