Phishing Trends and the Importance of IT Support in Fort Lauderdale

Phishing Trends and the Importance of IT Support in Fort Lauderdale


There are numerous potential threats which can affect computer networks in commercial setups. Therefore, it is important to secure the best possible protection from your IT support provider in Fort Lauderdale. One of the most rampant problems in the modern tech sector is phishing. This is a social engineering attack which is commonly used to deceive users into giving away sensitive information.

Typically, the attacker will pose as a trustworthy individual or company through electronic communication such as email. Then, they will attempt to get private information such as passwords, usernames and bank details by redirecting to fake websites or malware links. Consider this short discussion on phishing trends, their potential effects on your company, and some protective measures.

Advanced Whaling Attacks

Whaling is a dangerous form of fishing which targets high-level executives in a company or organization. The loss of business data through such a high profile person can cripple your company. In simple terms, your customers will lose their trust in the establishment and the data could be used for unscrupulous purposes, resulting in the legal problems. The whaling attempts in the recent years against commercial networks have become more advanced and daring.

In a typical attack, the executive receives a spoofed email that appears to be from the company. The malicious sender might request for specific information on the company or employees while posing as a manager. There are also whaling attacks which send emails which seem like they are from the government such as FBI or high profile clients. They include a link which if followed will steal the executive’s login information or install malicious software.

Increased Social Media Phishing Attempts

With the increased use of social media, phishing attempts through these platforms have become more common. Most victims of this attack type are individual end users. However, more companies have embraced these channels for business operations, exposing them to the threat. If your business does not have sufficient cyber security protection from an IT support provider in Fort Lauderdale, the establishment might fall victim to one of these attacks. Furthermore, you should note that even if the company accounts are secure, specific employees can be targeted.

More Incidents of Spear Phishing Attacks

The general phishing scams which attempt to steal data pose as widely recognized companies and organizations. However, in a spear phishing process, the hacker will find personalized information and target a specific individual. For example, the scammer will include the name, position in the company and even work number when sending the email. When an employee reads it, it will appear completely legitimate. The pertinent recipient will be more willing to part with the required information.

Protection Measures from Your IT Support Provider

Managed services providers can provide protective measures to combat the detriments posed by phishing. The IT security experts will install internet security software which will detect and block fake websites and even flag suspicious emails. In addition, your MSP will provide practical training to enable you and your employees prevent the success of an attempt. After all, phishing is a con or social engineering attack.

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