The Importance of Mobile Device Management From a Managed Services Provider in Boca Raton

The Importance of Mobile Device Management From a Managed Services Provider in Boca Raton


Mobile devices such as smartphones, ruggedized mobile computers, tablets, and mobile printers are essential elements in modern commercial operations. These technological assets allow employees to perform important business tasks even when away from the office. Unfortunately, they present a point of vulnerability for your company network. In simple terms, these compact devices are often mishandled and this translates into potential threats for your operations.

Therefore, you should consider using mobile device management from a managed services provider in Boca Raton. Mobile device management, commonly abbreviated as MDM, is the use of a specialized system to control the usage of mobile devices in a business or organization. MDM functions can be performed using passive, independent software. However, there are numerous advantages of employing managed services experts to handle your network of devices.

Enhanced Network Security

Mobile devices are the most vulnerable elements in your commercial information technology network. Unlike static computers, these are not secured in the company building. This means that an unauthorized person, including a hacker, can utilize the device as a physical access point to compromise your network. If you have MDM from an expert MSP, your mobile devices will be secured in the same way as your onsite computer elements. This means that the technicians will incorporate protective mechanisms such as password regulation, identity confirmation, and restrictions to minimize the risk of infiltration.

Remote Device Management

MDM allows your company’s mobile devices to be managed remotely from a centralized base. Typically, business owners and managers are concerned about the status of the smartphones, tablets, and mobile computers deployed in their organization. After all, there are numerous potential problems that could happen once the devices leave the office. Managed services providers in Boca Raton can help you ensure that your tech assets are secure around the clock.

The IT technicians can monitor the condition and performance of devices connected to your network. Also, if something unexpected occurs, the problem can be managed remotely. For example, if the device is lost, the operating system can be locked to prevent access to sensitive data. If the phone is stolen or goes missing under suspicious circumstances, the data can be remotely erased. You can also get notifications when the employees perform unauthorized actions such as jail-breaking the device.

Recovery and Restoration

Proper management of mobile devices is crucial for recovery of important information. There are different situations which can lead to the loss of data, even if the phone or tablet is not missing. Mechanical impact, exposure to water, and electrical issues are common problems which can damage the storage centers of the devices. If your company’s tech assets are connected to a good MDM solution, the data will always be backed up to the business cloud or central servers. Therefore, your company will only experience a minor inconvenience in the event of device damage. In addition, when a new device is purchased, you can restore the information and applications for a smooth transition.

There are other advantages of using MDM from a reputable managed services provider in Boca Raton. These benefits include device tracking, improved productivity, and employee accountability. If you would like to learn more about this IT service, contact us at Nexxen Technologies today.