Understanding Cyber Security Elements with West Palm Beach IT Support

Understanding Cyber Security Elements with West Palm Beach IT Support


Security breaches in a commercial IT network can have significant negative repercussions. Customer and employee data could be exposed to malicious people, compromising their personal and financial safety. Moreover, the business will be vulnerable to lawsuits and financial losses, and the operation will lose public trust. Therefore, you should think about engaging a West Palm Beach IT support company to assess your network for weaknesses and perform regular maintenance. Here are the most important IT elements that you should understand with regards to commercial cyber security:

Software Patches

Software patches are critical in the maintenance of a secure IT network. These can be defined as pieces of software which are designed to repair and improve a program and its data. In simple terms, there is no perfect computer software or application, so hackers and other unscrupulous people will always look for a vulnerability to exploit. The software developers know this and constantly examine their program for these weaknesses. When they do, they create a security patch and present it as an update to users. Therefore, if you have outdated software, you will be exposed to numerous IT security threats.

Anti-Malware Software

Your commercial computer systems can be attacked using malicious software. This refers to programs which are covertly installed on the network with a hostile intent. These harmful programs include viruses, spyware, backdoors, scareware, and ransomware. The malware can have different purposes in your network. For example, computer viruses are designed to perform specific malicious actions such as destroy your data while spyware and backdoors will allow other parties to steal your company information. Therefore, you should engage your West Palm Beach IT support expert to install appropriate anti-malware and anti-virus software. These will prevent installation of harmful programs and detect and destroy any existing in your current network.

User Security Policies

The security in your company network can be compromised by the users, usually the employees. In simple terms, all computer users in companies are not very tech-savvy, so they can be used as points of entry into your network. For example, they can accidentally install harmful programs on the network by opening unsecured emails and links or share important information. Therefore, you should have proper training for your employees with regard to cyber threats. You should also make certain that they have secure passwords and change them frequently. In addition, hold them accountable to the clear and established policies pertaining to company’s IT security.

Sensitive Data Encryption

Your business will need to store sensitive client and employee data, particularly information that affects identity and financial aspects of their lives. If this information is stolen, every involved party will become vulnerable to identity theft, financial losses or lawsuits. Therefore, it is important to ensure that this type of data is encrypted. Even if hackers and other similar persons succeed in obtaining the pertinent files, they will not be able to unscramble the material for malicious use.

There are other numerous IT security aspects that you must consider for a secure commercial network. Therefore, consult our experienced West Palm Beach IT support technicians at Nexxen Technologies for customized advice and guidance on the best security protocols for your business. Contact us today to learn more.