How an IT Services Provider in West Palm Beach Can Secure Your Business’ Confidential Data

How an IT Services Provider in West Palm Beach Can Secure Your Business’ Confidential Data


With the transition into cloud computing, it is imperative to collaborate with a professional IT services provider in West Palm Beach to keep your confidential data safe. It is worth noting that data security is only one part of a complete protection plan. And that plan should include a robust backup program for your business. Security will keep your data protected from hackers while the backup plan will allow you to recover your data if it is lost or corrupted.

What steps do IT services firms take to keep your business data safe?

  1. Carrying out a comprehensive security audit

    If you do not know what parts of your business are at risk or what sensitive information you have that requires protection, it will be impossible to provide proper data security. A professional IT services firm will conduct a thorough security audit of your IT infrastructure, ranging from mobile devices, computers, to networks. This audit will help in identifying the vulnerable areas and developing tactics for shielding your network from hackers and unauthorized access.

  2. Formulation of security policies

    Encouraging your employees to handle their duties securely is not enough. You must implement straightforward and precise policies to ensure your workers are carrying out their daily tasks in a secure environment. For instance, you may want to install security software on all notebook computers that access the corporate network. An expert IT services provider in West Palm Beach will help in drafting policies that suit the security needs of your company. 

  3. Ensure your computer operating system is up-to-date

    A typical IT services provider will install security patches on your computers on a regular basis. It is better to work with a provider that offers automatic updates. Hackers typically target systems that lack the latest software updates. Also ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date and that it detects and blocks: viruses, malware, spyware, and spam ware.

  4. Limit access and offer training

    Network monitoring software can quickly detect suspect activities and connections in your computer system. Additionally, a firewall keeps track of incoming and outgoing communications to ensure confidential data is not leaking out. You can also request your IT provider to customize your computer system so that remote employees need a two-factor authentication to login. In addition, you want to organize conferences and seminars to educate both your onsite and remote workers concerning security matters. Ensure your employees know the benefits of utilizing strong passwords and that they know how to recognize a phishing attack.

  5. Data encryption 
    And of course, you should seriously consider encrypting your data. Even when a person steals your data, the data is useless when they don’t have an encryption key.

Securing your business’ information is a complex task that requires unparalleled expertise. Therefore, dealing with a well-versed IT services provider in West Palm Beach is a valuable decision. At Nexxen Technologies, we take pride in managing your IT systems and delivering full-time support coupled with exceptional customer service. Contact us today to learn more.