Managed IT Services Business Advice for West Palm Beach: Do You Have a Clear Job Description?

Managed IT Services Business Advice for West Palm Beach: Do You Have a Clear Job Description?


Properly Represent IT Positions

Sometimes, managed IT services providers in West Palm Beach misrepresent themselves to potential and existing employees. Here's what happens: a given employer won't have a clear job description, they'll just generally give employees a guideline, then assume someone who’s employed should do what they're told.

A New Perspective

To understand, say you're a teacher and your principle expects you not just to teach kids, but to stay after hours for disciplinary functions, work as your own custodian in your own room, and even be involved in food preparation--- that's three additional jobs. How many teachers do you think would stick around?

When it comes to IT support, there are likewise crossover responsibilities many employers impose on employees. Sometimes, someone will be hired in the IT department as a coder, but be expected to do RFID tagging as well, reconfigure end-user portals, monitor servers, upgrade systems, work in acquisitions… the list goes on.

There's no clear job description, and the employer expects the employee to work as hard as they can during regularly scheduled hours. Additionally, as an employee increases tenure, the job requirements expand more quickly than their paycheck.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

Imagine how irritating it is to be paid a single wage even though your workload regularly increases. That's going to result in sub-par work and dissatisfaction in the workplace. When it comes to managed IT services companies in West Palm Beach, this problem is something serious. If you don't address it, you'll burn through workers as though they're going out of style. This gets expensive quick, as each new hire represents an investment. When you fire employees, you've got to train new ones all over again.


The fix is, thankfully, very simple. Instead of having a vague job title designed to exploit workers, clearly define a given employee's job duties, and ensure that your directives stay within those limits. If you've got to ask more of your employees, give them a raise. The work they put in is well worth what you pay them. If they're doing well enough to sustain additional responsibilities, then you're not actually losing anything in the long run by paying them more in the short run. In fact, you'll likely save, as you can maximize your investment in an individual worker.

If you don't approach the issue this way, you'll likely have to spend more on additional employees. Think of it this way: if you buy a vehicle and don't maintain it, it will wear out quicker, and you'll have to buy another. But if you keep it well-maintained, you can get more miles out of it and thus maximize your investment. Getting more mileage out of your tech personnel requires hiring them with a job description that you stick to. You have responsibilities as an employer, after all. There's give and take both ways. If you give employees the tools to succeed, they're more likely to.

A Harmonious Work Environment

When you've got a more harmonious work environment, you'll have better product and services delivery--- employees will be more proactive if they feel satisfied with their job and value it.

To recap, the most successful employee/employer relationships include:

  • Clear job descriptions
  • Paying better for harder work
  • Giving employees the tools to succeed

At Nexxen Technologies, Inc., we offer managed IT services in West Palm Beach performed by dedicated professionals with clear job descriptions who are satisfied in their job, and so provide good solutions for clients. Contact us for more tips on how to organize your own office, and for IT services informed by passionate professionals.