Identify Phishing Schemes and Protect Your Business with IT Support in West Palm Beach

Identify Phishing Schemes and Protect Your Business with IT Support in West Palm Beach

There are so many ways that you, as a business owner, can find yourself in a security issue with your IT infrastructure. You could have the best firewalls in the world and the most thorough security available, but all it takes is for one successful phishing e-mail to bring it all down. As an IT support provider in West Palm Beach, we understand the risks that are present with phishing e-mails, as well as the steps you can take to help reduce the threat they bring.

Think about all the different ways someone can break into and try to rob a bank. They can go in the front door, to the teller, and at the back to where the safe is, and so on. The same can be said for your IT infrastructure. Even if you have the best security there is, there are just so many ways in, and new paths can evolve and become more attractive as time passes by.

Cyber Criminals are Smart

Cyber criminals are a lot smarter than we usually give them credit for. What they’re aiming to do with things such as phishing scams is to find inexpensive ways to get behind the firewall of a network and into the data of a company. Phishing is a tremendous way to do this as it uses e-mail, which is about as free of a service as you can get. Our IT support company in West Palm Beach knows this, and yet sometimes, it’s still hard to prevent.

Thousands of e-mails are blasted out with these phishing schemes. They’re usually done in a way to try and disguise the message and make it look as though it’s important to the reader. A perfect example is something that appears to have come from a shipping company with a link and a tracking number. Many will click the link, thinking they ordered something they forgot about, and then the truth will come out: there was never a transaction… only a sly phishing scheme that they’ve fallen victim to.

Get the Passwords

The big idea for these criminals is to get you to visit one of their sites and enter your credentials, like your password, bank account info, all that type of stuff. The more they can get their hands on, the more access they’re going to have to your company’s IT infrastructure. You want to limit their access as best as you can, but it all starts with preventing the phishing scheme in the first place.


It always comes back to awareness, and at Nexxen Technologies, that’s what we preach as an IT support provider in West Palm Beach. We want to teach all your employees what a typical phishing e-mail is going to look like. We want to paint a picture for them so they can spot if something isn’t official and if the e-mails are just trying to get sensitive information out of them. Your employees are usually going to be your best line of defense, so you want to educate them and make them stand their ground. We at Nexxen Tech can help you with that. Contact us today to learn more.